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How to Choose A screen Protector for Your Phone?

A good screen protector could be a shield for your mobile device’s screen protection. Much more than this, some new screen types could upgrade your screen image tone and make your phone in a good look. Since there are all kinds of mobile phone screen protectors in the market, choose a suitable one for your phone is important. Here we discuss how to choose a screen for your smartphone, we hope this would be helpful to you if you are going to applying one on your phone.

Here we come up with four screen types based on different raw materials. The first type is PET plastic. Screen protectors made of PET plastic is light and thin, and also cheap. The transparency of this screen protector is good, but the flexibility is bad. It cannot go edge-to-edge on phones with a curved screen. The second type is TPU plastic. The TPU plastic material is flexible, waterproof, oil resistance and antibacterial. This screen protector faces many issues when it first comes to the market, such as hard installation, unsmooth, "orange peel" type glare to your phone's screen. With the technology upgraded, these issues were gone. TPU screen protector is welcomed by users now. The tempered glass screen protector is the one we used most, we can take the iPhone 11 tempered glass screen protector as an example. Since the tempered glass screen protector is hard and strong with better transparency, it is a hot sell type in the market. The last type we have to mention is the Nanometer multi-layered screen protector. This is a new kind of screen protector which is manufactured under high technology and Nanometer thickness material. Each layer of the screen protector functions differently, for which the screen protector could be anti-spy, anti-glare on the surface or smudge resistance. Such kind of screen protector is quite expensive on the market.

Since we have mentioned the four most usual screen protector above, it is suggestible to check the suitable wholesale mobile phone screen protector online. We have to understand what purpose we need to apply a screen protector on our phone screen. Besides, we have to know our smartphone brand and the model number so that we can search for a suitable one. You may also go to our Etrade Supply online store for our new coming iPhone tempered glass screen protector if you have interests.

how to choose a screen protector for your phone

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