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4 Ways to Fix iPhone X Side-button Problems

Sometimes your iPhone X side button is not working, or delay responding which requires your pressing one more times. This always makes our frustration on our phone use. The reason could be the improper way we are using the phone or the internal system update. Here we include 4 ways on how to fix the iPhone X side button not working or delay responding problems.

1. Try to remove or replace the protective case from the phone.

Have you used a protective case for your iPhone X? If yes, try to remove the case then press the side button. Some iPhone X protective cases don't match perfectly will prevent you from pressing the side button. If the side button works well without cases, it is the case which leads this issue, just replace a new case for your device, or just remove it from your phone.

2. Adjust the Press Speed of the Side Button

Have you encountered this issue? When you press the side button, the device is not responded, or just delayed? This issue may cause the side button clicked speed. The iPhone X has 3 options for side button’s click speed, you can choose default, slow or slowest. Here we show you how to change the iPhone X side button press speed. Go Settings > General > Accessibility > Side Button, tap slow or slowest to change the click speed. Reboot the device and the issue would be fixed.

3. Restart The iPhone X Without Side Button

Go Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch, then active the virtual Home button, or try another access to tap the virtual iPhone Home button on the iPhone X screen, click device > More > Restart to reboot the iPhone X.

4. Update the iOS System to the Newest Version

As we know that most of the issues are caused by the iOS version update. You should try to update your iPhone X iOS version to the newest version. Go Settings > General > Software Update, if it shows have an update for you, connect the device to the Wi-Fi and plug in to charge it, tap Download and Install to update the iOS.

There are the 4 ways we conclude on how to fix iPhone X side button not working or delay responding problems. If all these ways you tried and your iPhone X is still not recovered, we suggest you go to the repair shop and have iPhone X replacement part fixed. Etrade Supply has new replacement iPhone X volume button flex cable robin for sale. Just check it on our online store.


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