Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery is said to can't charge

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are reporting that their handset is dying once it reaches a 0 percent charge and won't come back to life - not ideal if you're Samsung and you had to recall the Note 8's predecessor last year for an overheating problem.

For the time being the issue doesn't seem to be too widespread, and only appears to be affecting users in the US for the most sony parts , but SamMobile has pulled together numerous forum posts and complaints that suggest this is more than just one or two isolated incidents we're dealing with.

Of course Samsung will swiftly replace your faulty Note 8 if it's still under warranty, but considering the company was at great pains to emphasize just how much testing the Note 8 battery went through, this is a blip that it could do without.

For the time being, Samsung seems to be in fact-finding mode. "We have yet to get any official report for this matter and are unable to comment until we obtain more specific information of the device," reads a statement the company sent us. "Any customers with a similar matter are encouraged to contact Samsung."

From hero to zero

Samsung will certainly be hoping it's a blip - right now it's not clear whether the problem lies with the hardware or the software of the Note 8. If it's the latter, then a fix could be rolled out via a software update.

Based on posts from users, some people do genuinely seem to have an issue, while others can get their Note 8 devices working fine even after going right down to a 0 percent battery charge. For the time being at least, it's probably wise not to let your own handset do the same.

In fact, that's good battery practice in general - whether you're using a Note 8 or an iPhone X, s7 edge lcd don't really like having their batteries fully drained, though it certainly shouldn't kill them completely.


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Do these 4 things to make your phone runs faster

See what's running in the background

Pixel 2 battery estimate

If you notice your phone's battery draining faster than usual, it's usually down to an errant app hogging up the CPU cycles. Apps running in the background also tend to use up the battery, so it's a good bet to regularly monitor your phone's battery usage from the settings.

Head into Settings > Battery to track down the misbehaving app, and hit Force stop to remove it from running in the background.

Disable ambient screen

Galaxy Note 8

An always-on display comes in handy if you want to take a quick look at the incoming notifications without having to unlock your apple screen repair , but the feature comes at the cost of battery life. If you're seeing a drop-off in your device's battery life, turning off the ambient display mode is one way to fix the issue.

Turn Bluetooth off when not needed


Turning off unused radios will allow you to extend your phone's battery life. The difference may not amount to much, but for every little bit helps, and for things you're not going to use all the time, like Bluetooth, it makes sense to switch it off when when not in use.

It isn't advisable to turn off location services, as most apps need some sort of location information to run.

Don't install a battery optimizer

This may seem counter-intuitive, but most "battery fixer" apps are pure garbage. These "utilities" do nothing more than remove the apps running in the background and clear your apple parts cache, but you often have to deal with intrusive ads and even malware.

If you're seeing constant slowdowns and apps take a long time to load, it's a better idea to remove apps running in the background by hitting the overview button and clearing them individually. And for clearing the cache, you can always rely on Google's Files Go.


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iPhone 8 Plusリアハウジングと液晶画面を組み立てる方法

このビデオは、iPhone 8 PlusリアハウジングとLCDスクリーンを段階的に組み立てる方法です。 あなたはこのビデオをiPhone 8 Plusの部品に置き換えることができます。



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All news and rumors about Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S8 hit stores in early 2017, so it makes sense that we're hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S9, as it might only be months away.

The rumors are coming thick and fast for what the new wholesale iPhone 7 LCD screen will look like and feature, so we've sifted through to bring you the information you need to know about this incoming phone, as well as answering some key questions.

And below all that you'll find our wish list of the various things we most want from Samsung's next flagship.

What's the new Samsung Galaxy S9 news?

A photo seemingly showing the Galaxy S9's back glass has leaked, as have several case renders. Plus we've heard word the Galaxy S9 will keep its 3.5mm headphone jack.

What will the Samsung Galaxy S9 price be?

We're expecting £639 / $725 / AU$1200 based on current projections, as the Galaxy S9 is likely to come in around the same price as its predecessor. Given we're not expecting massive design changes, we doubt too high a price rise.

What's the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date?

We're expecting a February or March 2018 launch. While recent rumors suggest the S9 will launch in January, that seems too early given people are locked into contract cycles. There was talk that it might be teased at CES in January, before a March launch, but Samsung has now come out and said that any showing of the S9 in January is "unlikely."

Samsung Galaxy S9 price and release date

The top leaks suggests the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will be ready to go at MWC 2018 in February 2018. We've also heard another rumor pointing to a late February announcement, followed by an early March launch.

Last year's model was launched later than expected at the end of March, so it's highly possible Samsung could return to the Barcelona trade show to show off the new model.

Other recent rumors state that - due to the fact the OLED screens likely to be used in the phones are being made earlier than usual - the Galaxy S9 will launch in January, but that would seem far too early for many reasons, not least because people who bought the S8 wouldn't be eligible to upgrade to it right away.

We had heard that the Galaxy S9 might be teased in January, but then launched a little later, however Samsung has now said that a January tease is "unlikely."

What we can safely predict is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is sure to be expensive, as the Galaxy S8 launched at $720, £689, AU$1,199.

Samsung Galaxy S9 screen

The Bell reports unnamed industry sources saying that Samsung has been hard at work on the display panels for the Galaxy S9 since late March 2017. If true, that’s apparently about six months earlier than usual.

As for the form the screen will take, it's rumored (and likely) to retain the Galaxy S8's 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

There's also a good chance it will be the same size as the Galaxy S8, coming in at 5.8 inches, though one rumor puts it at 5.65 inches. It's also sure to be curved and continue Samsung's trend of using Super AMOLED, which delivers vibrant visuals and good contrast.

The biggest change could be an in-screen fingerprint scanner, which has been rumored. Notably the new Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor can sit below quite thick displays, and OLED technology (used in Samsung flagship phones) was specifically mentioned.

Synaptics has also announced an in-screen scanner and mentioned not just OLED but also "infinity display" (which is what Samsung calls the S8's screen) and that it's being used on a phone made by a top five manufacturer.

All of that points to the Samsung Galaxy S9 having fingerprint-sensing technology below the glass.

Then again, one tipster claims an in-screen scanner isn't in the cards, as does another recent report, so don't count on that feature just yet.

Aside from that, in late 2016 Samsung licensed a new glass coating technology that makes water bounce off your iPhone 7 display screen. Samsung plans to include this tech in an upcoming phone, so it may mean the Galaxy S9 is much easier to use in the rain. Watch the video below to see how the technology works.


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5分以内にiPhone 8の背面ハウジングを組み立てるにはどうすればいいですか?

このビデオでは、EtradeSupplyが5分後にiPhone 8の背面ハウジングを組み立てる方法を示します。このビデオがエラーを回避して時間を節約するのに役立つことを願っています。 あなたの時計をありがとう。


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My iPhone dropped into water, what can I do with it?

We care for them and do our best to protect them, yet sometimes it seems as if the entire world is out to get them. Whenever they slip out of our hands our heart skips a beat, and each fall feels even worse when water is involved. I’m talking about our iPhones, of course. No matter how hard we fight it, occasionally our iPhone will slip and fall into water. Be it a toilet, a pool, the ocean, a coffee spill or a pint of beer if you’re lucky, liquids are everywhere around us, just waiting for our precious phones to fall in. Here’s the skinny on how to fix a wet iPhone.

A wet iPhone in distress.

A wet iPhone in distress. Credit: DariuszSankowski

0. Get your iPhone out of the water ASAP

Your immediate reaction will be to yank your phone out of the treacherous waters and away from danger. Your instincts are obviously correct and you should go with them. Before we can discuss how to fix a wet iPhone, we must bring it to safety by taking it out of the water.

1. Never turn on a wet iPhone

Next, your instincts will demand that you turn your iPhone on to assess the damage. This is the equivalent of the “let’s check if it’s still breathing” instinct you would apply to a live creature. As tempting as it is, do NOT turn on your phone. Even if the curiosity kills you, keep your wet iPhone off.

2. How to save a wet iPhone: disconnect from the power source and power off

If your phone was plugged in while taking the dive, unplug it. If it’s turned on, turn it off. Even if your iPhone is in sleep mode, wake it up just to turn it off. Once your iPhone is off, don’t be tempted to restart it. At this point, we’re trying to stop electricity from flowing through your iPhone. We do this to avoid long-term damage that your phone could suffer due to short circuits.

Water turns your phone’s electrical components into one big conductor, meaning currents can travel along unintended paths within your iPhone 6s Plus repair parts . Short circuits occur when currents travel down unwarranted paths, causing long-term damage to your wet iPhone. Water in itself does not conduct electricity, meaning that in a pure, theoretical state water is not the culprit. But in real life, water never appears in its pure form. Salts and minerals dissolved in the liquid enable it to conduct electricity. There are even more salts and minerals in liquids such as coffee, beer, milk, ocean, and pool water etc., but the principle is the same for all liquids. If you want to know how to save a wet iPhone, remember that turning it off and unplugging it from any power source can prevent long-term damage.

Don't fix a wet iPhone with rice

Do NOT try this at home. Never fix a wet iPhone with rice.

3. How to dry a wet iPhone: no rice, please

How to fix an iPhone that got wet? Now that you’ve successfully removed the wet threat and powered it down, the next obvious step is to dry it. But how to dry a wet iPhone? No matter the model and type, you must begin with the iPhone’s exterior.

How to dry a wet iPhone’s exterior

To dry the iPhone’s exterior gently shake it to get water out of any holes, ports, sockets, nooks and crannies. If it’s in a protective case – remove the case and shake again. At this point, you should remove your SIM card and shake the phone some more. When all the water is out, wipe the iPhone’s exterior clean with a cloth and leave it to dry on a towel.

How to dry a wet iPhone’s interior

This is true for any iPhone model: your best chance to fix a wet iPhone is to follow the steps above and then leave the phone on a towel to dry by itself for 24-48 hours. Don’t charge it, don’t turn it on, don’t use rice or anything else. You can open a window and let your phone air out. At this point your strongest drying tool is patience.

Do NOT put your iPhone in rice!

Rice will absorb the liquids but will leave all minerals stuck to your phone’s interior. These impurities can cause corrosion which can really harm your phone beyond repair. They will also make it harder for technicians to fix later on. The best thing to do is to simply leave the phone to dry by itself. They say that time is the best healer, and that holds true for your iPhone as well. Still, there are some steps you can choose to take, depending on the iPhone model you have. Read below for more options.

4. Turn your phone on and hope for the best

Wait patiently and after 24-48 hours have passed and your phone seems dry – turn it on. If everything seems to be working smoothly, great! If not, and your warranty is over, you should take the phone to a lab or schedule a phone repair appointment with our expert Puls technicians.

5. Timing is everything: backup your wet iPhone’s data

When it comes to water damage, the threat to your phone is never really over. If you’re lucky enough to have your phone turn back on, there could still be trouble down the road (especially with iPhone 6 and older models). There are accounts of batteries failing months after a phone was seemingly back to normal, screens smudging weeks after the incident, and more. So how to save a wet iPhone from its pending doom? The best way is to back it up as soon as it turns on. Your wet iPhone may never fully recover, but your data has avoided a plunge to disaster.

Coffee cup next to iPhone

Every cup of coffee is a potential hazard to your iPhone.

How to fix a wet iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are water resistant by design, as are the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. They all feature an IP67 water resistance rating. This is great news, but you must remember that they’re by no means waterproof. Issues can surface once your phone has been fully submerged in water. It is not wise to pry the phone open since its body is glued shut with a protective adhesive that keeps the water out. With a wet iPhone 7 and upward you’re still hopeful that the water-resistant adhesive has held up. With a wet iPhone 6 and under, you’re hoping no real damage was done and that the phone will be able to dry off by itself and get back to normal.

How to fix a wet iPhone 6

The iPhone 6/6 Plus and 6S/6S Plus are not officially water resistant, as clearly stated by Apple. If you’ve followed all of the steps above and the wet iPhone 6 does not turn on, we strongly recommend the professional path at this point. However, there are DIY folks out there who like to dismantle things and then (hopefully) put them back together. There are plenty of videos out there on how to fix a wet iPhone 6 – watch them at your own risk.

How to fix a wet iPhone 5

The same goes for the iPhone 5 models – there are many videos out there on how to fix a wet iPhone 5, which include instructions on how to open the iPhone 5 infrastructure and proceed to take it apart. Once your phone is in pieces, these videos show how you can really get in there and dry it out.

Warning: your warranty will sink like a stone

We strongly recommend not to open your phone’s infrastructure if you have any kind of warranty, as it will likely end the moment your iPhone 6s Plus LCD screen replacement is opened. You could also end up making the problem worse. Another word of advice while we’re at it: iOS devices are equipped with internal liquid detectors, so don’t bother pretending you don’t know what’s wrong with your phone. Any lab or technician will be able to tell that your iPhone got wet.


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How to get money with your old phone?

So you're about ready to offload your old iPhone 6 parts for a new one (our top picks hereif you need some inspiration).

The next step is figuring out what to do with yesterday's hardware. You can always keep it around as a spare just in case, or pass it on to a family member or friend. Or, you could angle to get some cash, credit or trade-in value to offset the price of your hot, new handset.

Don't stress if your phone is cracked; you'd be surprised how much you can get for the right phone with the wrong screen. Used handsets are often refurbished or stripped for parts, so they're still valuable. And even if you can't find anyone to pay for your dusty dialer or other electronics, you can at least recycle it responsibly.

Any way you look at it, you probably won't get enough from a single sale or trade-in to cover the cost of a new phone, especially one as sky-high as the iPhone X($999.00 at Apple) or Galaxy Note 8 ($900.00 at Amazon.com), but if you're smart about it, you can lessen your financial load.

Editors' note: This story was originally published on December 19, 2013, and is updated periodically.

How much can you get?

The amount of cash or credit you can get for a phone varies widely by the model, age and condition. Trade-ins usually top out at around $300 or $400 for a top-of-the-line device, but a brand new iPhone X could go for considerably more -- that's between you and your buyer (on eBay at the time of writing, prices range from $800 to over $1,000)..

1. Before you sell, raid the closet

If you're going to cash in on one phone, you might as well see which other dusty, rusty electronics you forgot you had lying around in a drawer somewhere: phones, camera, consoles and laptops, too.

If there's a resale value, your total will add up.

2. Decide: Cash, credit or trade-in


Before you start researching which vendor gives you the best deal, you can narrow down your options. Can you wait for a gift card or payment card to arrive in a few weeks, or do you need cash now? Trading in the phone with your current carrier or with the vendor won't work if you're switching to an unlocked device like the OnePlus 5T.

If it's cash on the spot you need, your options are limited to direct sales, GameStop and to EcoATM, which has physical kiosks at malls across America.

It used to be that EcoATM would give you at least a buck for your trouble. That doesn't appear to be the case anymore, though it still accepts popular phones, albeit for significantly less than many online offers.

For security and antifraud reasons, EcoATM does require a driver's license and a thumbprint scan before spitting out cash. And since you do have to drive to a mall, I recommend doing this only after you research other options online -- that way you'll be able to decide on the spot if EcoATM gives you more or less than another retailer.

2. Shop around. Really.

You'll almost always get more money selling a phone directly to a buyer through Craigslist or eBay, but it takes more time and there's higher risk of buyers changing their mind. It also helps if you have the original packaging and all included cables and cords.

Good news: It takes less time than you think to hit up a few websites for trade-ins and credits. You'll get less for a handset with water damage, and more if it's a flawless phone right out of the box (this is one reason why screen protectors and cases are so important).

Prices change depending on the phone, carrier and condition. Here are current offer prices for several phones. Not every service takes every phone.

3. Know how you're getting paid


Are you getting cash, credit or a gift card? In most cases, it's the latter two. Best Buy and Apple will give you gift cards to use at their retail stores. Carriers will deduct the trade-in value from your next phone. EcoATM and selling straight to buyers will put cash in your hand (though EcoATM will probably hand over less).

If you opt for an online vendor, you'll have to wait a few weeks to get paid. After you box up the goods and ship them, employees will match the device to its actual condition, to keep any fibbers honest. Only then will they make good.

4. Read the fine print

A word to the wise: know exactly what you're getting into. For example, Apple phone trade-ins only apply to the iPhone 5 or above, which won't work if you have an older phone you're trying to unload.

You'll also want to make sure you've reset your phone according to the vendor's instructions, typically a factory reset with no screen lock of any kind.

Follow these additional steps before selling, recycling or donating your phone.

And make sure you already have a plan or stopgap device when you quit the iPhone 6 spare parts you're trying to sell. When you let it go, even to a carrier buy-back program, you won't get it back if something goes wrong. Gone is gone.

5. Never throw old phones away

Get rid of them by all means, but never in the trash can -- you don't want to be responsible for toxic chemicals leaching into the land. Most resellers will take old electronics off your hands, archaic chargers and all.


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Samsung Galaxy S8 best valuable deal

It's been a brilliant month or so for people looking to grab Samsung Galaxy S8 deals. Retailers took Black Friday as their cue to massively reduce prices on the 2017 flagship iPhone 6 Plus LCD screen . And deals have only got cheaper as we head towards Christmas.

This latest tariff from Mobile Phones Direct, combines reasonable £27.99 monthly bills, healthy 5GB of data every month, the UK's fastest 4G network EE and absolutely NOTHING to pay upfront. It all adds up to one of the cheapest Galaxy S8 deals out there over the course of the two year term - you can click straight through to the deal using this link.

There's no discount codes to enter and no cashback to claim, just a brilliant price on one of the standout smartphones of 2017. You can discover more about the deal below, and there's a mini review of the S8 at the bottom of the page.

Samsung Galaxy S8 review

Screen size: 5.8-inches | Resolution: 1440 x 2560 | Rear camera: 12MP | Weight: 155g | OS: Android 7 | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB | External storage: microSD up to 256GB | Battery: 3600mAh

From its beautiful bezel-free screen to its majestic 12MP main camera, the Galaxy S8 is a iPhone 6 Plus LCD screen wholesale that offers an exceptional experience for any user. It isn't perfect - there are niggles around the performance of the biometrics - but it isn't far off. You can read TechRadar's full Samsung Galaxy S8 review here.


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Galaxy S9 may launch at February

Samsung could unveil the Galaxy S9 in a little over two months.

The iphone battery replacement giant is rumored to announce the company's follow-up to the Galaxy S8 in late February at the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, according to Korean news outlet The Bell.

The report posits two possible Galaxy S9 launch dates: Feb. 25, the day before the show officially kicks off (MWC runs from Feb. 26 to March 1 next year), or Feb. 27. Based on past patterns, the 25th makes the most sense. The Sunday before the show opens is press day, a common time for phonemakers to announce new devices. But Samsung has had its own big event on the Tuesday of shows past -- the 27th next year.

Samsung has an on-and-off history with launching phones at MWC -- mostly on. That's where it introduced most of its Galaxy phones. The Galaxy S4 and last year's Galaxy S8 bucked the trend with launch events that took place in New York a few weeks after the world's largest mobile show wrapped up. Samsung did tease the heavily rumored S8 at MWC. If the Galaxy S9 (as we're calling it) does make its debut at a separate event, we'd expect Samsung to tease it at MWC.

Earlier rumors pinned the Galaxy S9 introduction to CES in early January, which is highly unlikely -- Samsung rarely strays from its patterns of an MWC/March launch for the year's Galaxy S phone and an August or September unveiling for the year's Note iphone digitizer . It's more plausible that Samsung would tease the Galaxy S9 to whip up hype against Apple's buzzy iPhone X.

Other rumors about the phone include that it may get a new iris scanner, but no drastically redesigned fingerprint scanner. It's expected to get Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 845 chip, but rumors say it could look pretty similar to the Galaxy S8.

Stay tuned to CNET as we hear more about the Galaxy S9.


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Samsung Galaxy S9's final design rumors

Earlier this week, we got a look at what appeared to be some schematics for the Samsung Galaxy S9 iphone 6 disassembly , revealing what could be the upcoming handset's design and dimensions.

Now, the trusted leaker @OnLeaks has teamed up with 91mobiles to reveal a full 360-degree render of the Galaxy S9, giving us our best idea yet of what to expect from Samsung's next flagship device.

Looking like a sleeker, more distinguished version of its predecessor, the Galaxy S9 featured in these CAD-based renders appears quite close to what was shown in the previously-leaked schematics, right down to the device's repositioned fingerprint scanner, which now sits below the camera lens rather than next to it.

Speaking of the S9's camera, the render shows only one sensor on the back of the device, suggesting that Samsung might be keeping the dual camera setup it introduced with the Galaxy Note 8 exclusive to the Note series for the time being. According to render, the S9 will also feature a 5.65-inch display.

Meanwhile, you'll be happy to learn that the 3.5mm headphone jack is still present at the bottom of the Galaxy S9 samsung galaxy s6 battery replacement , at least in this render. A dedicated Bixbybutton can also be found on the left edge of the handset, reaffirming Samsung's commitment to its polarizing virtual assistant. You can get a look at the render for yourself in the video below.


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