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Why is Digital Thermometer Better than Mercury Thermometer?

The mercury thermometer has been used for temperature measurement in our life quite a historic time. With technology development, a digital thermometer is taking over the mercury thermometer today. How come the digital thermometer is better than the mercury thermometer? Here we come up with three reasons to analyze.

1. Digital thermometer is faster on temperature measurement result providing
The digital thermometer gauges our body temperature by using electronic circuits. When the probe is heated by our body, it energizes the circuits with electric power and strengthens the amperage. The higher our body temperature is, the more powerful the electric flow is, and the stronger the amperage is. When the amperage is switched into data and shows on the thermometer screen, we can read the results immediately. The whole process is very fast in only 15-20 seconds. It works in the same theory as IR temperature gun. On the other hand, while, the mercury thermometer has to be 10-15 minutes so that we can see the results on the calibration tube.

2. Digital thermometer is more accurate for temperature measurement
Furthermore, digital thermometers are more accurate on body temperature than the mercury thermometers. The accuracy of a digital thermometer could be 0.1 ℃ with 0.01 ℃ errors. There is a thermocouple sensor installed in the probe of the digital thermometer. It is highly sensitive to temperature and will calculate it with accurate data on the screen. As to the mercury thermometer, whose operational principle is mercury expanding under heat, the accuracy is not as good as digital thermometers.

3. Digital thermometer is safer for use on house living
Since we would have to take our body temperature frequently at home these days, the digital thermometer is the best device because it is safe for usage. The mercury thermometer is made of glass and mercury. As we know, it is fragile. Moreover, mercury is a toxic chemical, which will contaminate human bodies after released. It is not easy to clean up if the thermometer is damaged and mercury splashes. The digital thermometer is made of hard plastic, PET material, and rubber. Same as the infrared thermometer, it is safe for our bodies. What’s more, it is not easy to break.

From the three reasons above we can see that digital thermometer is better than a mercury thermometer on faster and more accurate measurement results providing, safer for use in our life. Taking our body temperature at home every day is necessary because it is a good way to avoid Covid-19 from spreading. All in all, you may leave your comments if you have any opinion about the analysis above.


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What is PPE and What Do We Need to Know About it?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. Since the new virus of COVID-19 outbreak, PPE is badly in need of many countries around the world. We can see from the live news reporting that medical workers are all equipped well for nursing the patients in the hospital. We should send our sincere respect to them. Maybe some of us wonder what define as PPE and what do we have to notice about PPE usage. Here we would like to discuss it in three aspects below.

1. What is Personal Protective Equipment?

Generally, the personal protective equipment could be any safeguard for the protection of our exposed body parts like mouth, eyes, head, hands, or feet. Commonly referred to as "PPE", these equipment are designed and manufactured to minimize the injuries and illness resulted from chemical, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards to our body. All personal protective equipment should be designed and manufactured based on safety and reliable sake. It should properly fit our body in the first place. Besides, it can make the difference between being safely covered or dangerously exposed.

2. How to put on and take off personal protective equipment?

Before we are about to put on our personal equipment, we need to cleanse our hands. Pull your hair back or tie it up if it is too long, then you may take steps on donning the equipment.

Apron/Isolation Gown – Make sure it is full coverage around your body, from neck to knees. Pullover the head and fasten at the back. You may need help from your fellows if you cannot do it yourself.

Surgical Mask/KN95 Respirator – Put it on and cover it over your mouth and nose. Secure the ties or elastic bands in the middle of the head and neck. Fit flexible band to Nose Bridge. Fit snug to face and below the chin. Readjust it to a comfortable position.

Eye Protective Goggles & Face Shield – Just put it on and cover on your eyes and face, adjust it to a comfortable position.

Surgical Gloves – Select a suitable size with your hands. Extend to cover to your wrist. Use free hands washing sanitizer to make your hands smooth for easy wearing.

The order for removing PPE is Gloves, Apron or Gown, Eye Protection, Surgical Mask. As to some disposable equipment like the surgical masks, medical caps, or gloves, we should discard it in a certain place and never throw it around. Remember to wash your hands after taking off the equipment.

3. Can Personal Protective Equipment Reused or Shared?

It is not recommendable to reuse the medical protective equipment. PPE needs to be disinfected at a high level if necessary to reuse. Since the medical supplies and protective equipment become in shortage, some of the PPE would need to be reused. This includes N95 respirator, eyes protective goggles, face shield, or surgical gloves. Do not share personal protective equipment with others, because the hygiene for medical devices is important.

These are the aspects of PPE we would like to share with you. No matter where we go and what we do, we should remember to equip ourselves for the protection of viruses outdoors. We hope our description above could be helpful if you are planning your future career to be a medical worker. Anyway, you should also visit our site for some simple personal protective equipment like KN95 mask, face shield, eyes protective goggles, etc. You may also contact us via email if you need our medical equipment.

what is ppe and what should we know about it   

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8 Terms You Need to Know About Covid-19

The coronavirus has become the global pandemic and it has brought great effects to our lifetimes. We need to stay healthy and fight with the virus, on the other hand, we need to learn some knowledge about medical and antivirus. There are some terminologies we need to learn about the COVID-19 so that we may better understanding the new reports. Here we quoted some terms which have been updated to the dictionary. Let’s check them out.

Coronavirus: A new kind of virus typically spreads between animals and humans, which causes respiratory illness. Coronavirus is a family of viruses that includes SARS and MERS. The name of “corona”, in Latin for crown, refers to the shape of the virus when observed under the microscope. Coronavirus has become the most lethal virus in the world in 2020.

COVID-19: COVID-19 stands for novel coronavirus disease 2019, which refers to the year of its initial detection. COVID-19 is the illness related to the current pandemic; the illness is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2).

Asymptomatic: An asymptomatic person shows no symptoms of the disease. The symptoms of the COVID-19 infected patients are fever, dry cough, and sore throat, shortness of breath and body aches, among other less common symptoms. This doesn’t mean an asymptomatic person has no potential infection, but it is not recommended that individuals get tested unless they show symptoms of infection. For the medical equipment standard of the present time, most tests will not be accurate unless symptoms are present. False negatives will be risky for tested persons.

Confirmed positive case: A confirmed positive case is someone who is confirmed to be Covide-19 positive from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which needs to be distinguished from a presumptive positive case.

Contact tracing: To identify and monitor one person or a group who may have come into contact with an infectious person. In the period of Covid-19 spread, Contact tracing is usually executed to monitor and observe persons who may have contact with the infectious person, which requires self-quarantine in order to control the spread of disease.

Incubation period: A period of time from an individual person first infect the virus to the appearance of symptoms. It is unknown how serious the contagion will be before a person’s symptoms arise. The length of the incubation period is different from person to person.

PPE: Short for personal protective equipment, something like the face mask, antivirus goggles, face protective shield, antivirus suit, gloves and so on. The PPE is designed and manufactured as the safeguard against the harmful viruses, infectious diseases or corrosive chemicals. It is specially designed for the protection of our body parts which exposed in our normal clothing, such as nose, mouth, eyes, and feet. In the war of fighting Covid-19, PPE is necessary for everyone.

Self-quarantine: the act of refraining from any contact with other individuals for a period of time—in the case of COVID-19, two weeks—to observe whether any symptoms of the disease will arise after potential exposure.

These terms are mostly showed on the reported news we received every day. We hope the definitions above would be helpful to us on better understanding Covid-19. Besides, you may visit our website on some useful protective equipment, such as KN95 mask, face protective shield, antivirus goggles and so on. You may contact us if you need any items of our medical supplies, or leave your comments below if you have some new terms and knowledge about Covid-19 to share. We appreciate that.


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Must We Wear Face Shield and Goggles Outside?

The COVID-19 has been the most fatal virus in the world. The infection rate is raising since its spread in Europe and America. We have taken antivirus actions to protect ourselves by wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and isolating ourselves at home, but that seems not enough to us. Most people think there should be a defensive barrier we need to protect our eyes and faces to the surrounding air, especially in some public places or workplaces. Face shields and goggles are necessary for protection. Is that necessary for us? Must we equip ourselves outside the door? Let’s see the analysis below.

1. How does the COVID-19 spread?

According to the earliest broadcast in China, the COVID-19 pathogen was found on animals. How come it spreads on humans? It reminds a mystery. This virus can be transmitted from human to human in any places. When someone is affected, coughing or sneezing may be a transmission of COVID-19 virus. People stand within about 6 feet from the affected person may catch the virus in respiratory droplets. Although wearing face mask has greatly decrease the infection rate to a person, it is still possible that one get COVID-19 infected by object surface touching. When we touch our eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, it is a way for virus transmission. Wash hands with sanitizer soap could eliminate more than 90% virus on our hands, furthermore, protecting our faces from harmful particles in the air is more important.

2. How to stop the virus from spreading?

There are mainly two ways to stop the virus from spreading, one is eliminated the source of the virus and the other is cut off the transmitted route of the virus. We wash our hands with sanitizer soap and spay with ethyl alcohol for elimination, that’s an effective way to kill COVID-19 virus from the original source. Besides, we take our body temperature and go to the hospital immediately once we have a fever. This is helpful to eliminate the virus from spreading from the source. We isolated ourselves, no gathering, no parties, and public activities. This is unacceptable to most of us but it is a good way to cut off the transmission route of the virus. Furthermore, wearing face masks outdoors is a way to stop the virus from transmitted from person to person. If you are working in some special places like hospitals, chemical place or laboratory, a face shield would be necessary equipment for you.

3. Must we wear face shield & goggles outside?

As we mentioned before, the virus can be transmitted via body fluids as splashes, spray and spatter from infected persons. A medical face mask can filter 90% harmful particles in the air, but it only works for respired protection. On the other hand, face shields and goggles are generally not used alone, which requires in conjunction with other protective equipment and are therefore classified as adjunctive personal protective equipment. If you work in a hospital, or some special place like food processing, chemical industrial or laboratory, then this equipment is necessary for you. Good face shield or closed goggles are made of strong, durable and transparent hard plastic material that provide us all face protection. If you are going to a crowded public place, such as shopping mall, metro stations or markets, waring face mask, face shield or goggles is advisable to you.

All in consumption, it necessary to wear a face shield or goggle together with face mask if you are in some special professions. We also recommend you equip yourself if you are going out to some public place since the COVID-19 spread this time. Finally, we suggest you go to our shop for antivirus supplies such as KN95 mask, closed goggles, face shield, etc. You may contact us or email us if you need any medical supply. Please stick with us on our blog for more knowledge about antivirus protection.


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How to Use an Infrared Thermometer in the Right Way?

As one of the medical necessities for house living, the temperature gun is easy and convenient for body temperature measurement. Besides, this small portative machine can be used almost anywhere to anyone. The backlit screen will show you the detection body temperature only by pressing the button and put it close to one’s forehead. Maybe it sounds easy but there still something we need to notice on using the infrared thermometer. Here we would like to share something knowledge about the infrared thermometer and tips on how to choose an infrared thermometer to you.

1. How does an infrared thermometer work?

You may be curious about how come the infrared thermometer could take our body temperature so speedy with accurate degrees. Your curiosity is as good as mine. The reason why an infrared thermometer can be called for any time when an object needs to be determined is that it uses the infrared light from one object onto a detector called a thermopile. When we point the probe at our forehead or body closely, the thermopile absorbs the infrared radiation and turns it into electricity. The more infrared energy from the object, the hotter the thermopile gets. When the electricity is sent to the detector, it would tell the temperature of whatever the thermometer points at. The more electricity, the hotter the object is. This process is very fast and the determined accuracy is very good.

2. How to use the infrared thermometer correctly?

Before you take an infrared thermometer for temperature measurement, there is something you should know about it. The thermometer measures an area, not just a dot. The longer distance you are aiming at, the bigger the area is for measurement. You need to know the infrared thermometer distance to spot ratio so that you could get close enough to target for measurement and get the accurate result. If you can’t achieve accurate measurements with a handheld IR thermometer, that might not rule out using an infrared temperature sensor completely. Besides, steam or dust can affect the accuracy of the IR thermometer. You’d better watch your surroundings before you take the measurement. Always keep the thermometer lens clean and no scratches. Allow two or three more times for temperature measurement to get to the most accurate results.

3. How to Choose a good infrared thermometer on the market?

An IR laser thermometer is a necessity for house living. A good quality infrared thermometer could be durable as long as you take good care of it. Well, there are some aspects you need to focus on when choosing a good infrared thermometer. No matter what type of IR thermometer you decide to purchase, the accuracy would be the first place you need to focus on it. Test it times for the accuracy before purchase. Second, check the emissivity and temperature range. A thermometer emissivity affects its ability to read different materials, and you’ll get the most out of one that allows you to adjust the amount of energy it emits. An IR infrared temp gun’s temperature range directly affects what jobs you can do with it. Besides, you’d better choose the one with quick read speed and data recording functions. For the last thing, you should focus on the warranty. Thermometers can eventually break, and a warranty is a must-have feature for some thermometers.

To draw a conclusion above, knowing how an infrared thermometer works and how to use it is important for us. Take body measurement times a day is important to us since the new virus spreads in the world these days. As our final recommendation, you may visit our shop for our new arrival antivirus medical supplies here. All our infrared thermometers are CE and FDA certified, you can check the details on our web if you need medical supplies.


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Advice on Protecting Yourself from the Harmful New Virus

Health and medical care are always in the first place of our life. We are all concerned about the health of ourselves and our families’. The spread of the new virus called “coronavirus” took so many lives and every one of us is worried. The government has taken measures to ensure our people with enough medical supplies. Still, there is advice we need to take so that we can protect ourselves from harmful virus infection. Let’s check these below.

1. Stay at home, wear a surgical mask if necessary to go out

We are claimed to be isolated but we are not grounded. We have to stay at home for our health and our family’s health sake. This is the first order we need to take to stop the virus from spreading. Wearing a mask, better surgical mask. Sometimes we have to meet strangers or go to the supermarket for shopping. Don’t forget to wear a mask. Normal surgical mask, N95 mask or KN95 mask, whatsoever.

2. Wash hands with anti-virus soap after coming back

The new virus can spread from people to people by touching. Wash your hands as often as possible so that it could largely reduce the infection rate. Use antivirus handwashing soap so that it would kill more than 99% virus and harmful germs on your hands. The ethanolic is better for killing the virus. Besides, choose the no washing hand sanitizer is a good idea because it is convenient and useful.

3. Keep the house and room ventilate, don’t go to crowded places

We all learned that the Chinese government orders to their people to stop gathering, that’s why they successfully controlled the virus spreads afterward. We should do as they do to keep ourselves from harmful viruses. Don’t gather and don’t crowd in public places. Keep the ventilating of the house and bedroom. Indoor exercises instead of outdoors are a good choice.

4. Take body temperature measurement every day, go to hospital immediately if you have a fever

This is very important to us because once you were detected to be infected, you will need to be separated in the hospital for treatment. The new virus-infected patient is on fever on the first phrase, cough and hard breathing. Take body temperature measurement could detect the potential infection and take the treatment for the first time. That’s why we suggest our friends get an infrared thermometer or digital thermometer at home.

These are the tips and our advice in the special period for our health sake. We are sure our war to the new virus will be terminated as long as we make our efforts on it. Besides, we can learn some medical care knowledge to keep ourselves healthy. You may also visit our store for our new arrival medical products such as surgical mask, digital thermometer and antivirus coat. Contact us if you need these supplies.
medical & health

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Differences of N95 Surgical Mask to Normal Mask

The new virus called “coronavirus” has been spread to the world. Wearing a mask is not only for protection for ourselves but also for good actions to society. We all know that the N95 surgical mask is better than a normal surgical mask but we may not know the specifics of the reason. Here we would like to share with you two aspects of the reason, and advice on the right ways to wear a surgical mask as well.

1. N95 Surgical is thicker than normal surgical mask

The normal surgical mask consists of a waterproof layer, a layer cotton Yarns, and a filter layer. This thin and one-off mask is mostly used in hospitals or clinics. The N95 surgical mask is consists of 4 or more layers. There is one more electrostatic Meltblown layer in the N95 surgical mask. It is thicker than the normal surgical mask and better for your healthy breath protection outdoors.

2. N95 Surgical is more effective to filter dust, smog, and virus

The normal surgical mask is thin and can only filter around 70% harmful particles and virus in the air. N95 surgical mask is more effective to filter about 95% harmful particles and virus in the air, such as the dust, smog, droplet in the air. Since the new virus spread so quickly this time, we recommend you choose the N95 surgical mask for your healthy breath's sake.

3. Right ways of wearing a surgical mask

Before you open the pack and wear a new mask, you have to check if any scratch or tear on the new mask. Don’t use it if there is any damage, spot or dirt on it. Unfold the mask and put it against your face closely, with the cotton Yarns surface inside. Put the flexible string on your ears and adjust the mask to a comfortable position. Slightly tighten the small metal bar on your nose, make sure the mask is fully covered.

As the final advice, wearing a mask outdoors is a good way to cut off the new virus spread. Choose the N95 respirator mask is a better and effective way. Wash your hands with disinfectant screams and ventilate the room indoors. Don’t go to the crowd public place because it is not safe. We will say farewell to the new virus if everyone takes our advice.


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