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12 Mistakes You Probably Make While Charging Your Phone

Mobile phones have all kinds of functions, which make our life more convenient and interesting. With the time we are using, we find out that our phone battery is running so quickly. Although the producers have been working on the phone battery improvement on faster charging and longer using life, we still believe there are some tricks to keep our phone battery in a long using life. Here Etrade Supply mainly concludes 12 mistakes we probably make while charging our phone, and some of which we might take for granted but are not true. Let’s see what they are.

1. Charging your phone to the max before using it for the first time.
2. Not using your phone while it's charging.
3. Being afraid that chargers from a different brand will kill your battery.
4. Thinking that turning your phone off will damage the battery.
5. Trying to “train” your battery
6. Not charging your phone overnight for fear of damaging the battery
7. Putting the battery in the freezer to make it last longer
8. Using task managers to prolong battery life
9. Fearing to leave your phone charger plugged in
10. Not charging laptops all the time to prevent damage
11. Turning off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life
12. Tips to prolong battery life: keep the battery cool, store battery with a bit of charge.

These 12 mistakes are fake conception for us on our phone battery charging. Anyway, keep our phone in good condition is good to prolong our battery life. You might also check on the phone replacement battery if it is necessary to do so. Here we recommend our new iPhone 6 replacement battery, 1715 mAh to 2000mAh battery with long battery life. Perfect choice to solve your problems of iPhone battery draining fast. Do you have any tips on prolonging phone battery? Leave your comments below so that we can share.
12 mistakes you probably make while charging you phone
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