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9 Features You Should Know About iPadOS

The iPadOS launched in October this year. This new operating system is special developed for iPad. Just as the same features of iOS 13 to iPhone, the iPadOS provides us nine useful features to us, which might not be known for everybody. Let’s see what these features are.

1. Quick screenshots: Use iPad pencil to scrap from the left corner to center on the screen, you could make a quick screenshot.

2. Floating keyboard: Pinch in or long-press on the keyboard dismiss button to select the floating option, you can activate the floating keyboard. You can drag the floating keyboard anywhere around the iPad screen. Quick-path typing is also working on floating keyboard.

3. Overhauled home screen: Swipe over to the right and on the widget, select "Add to Home Screen." You can fit more icons on the ‌iPad‌'s Home screen, and the Today view widget can now be permanently positioned on the Home screen when the ‌iPad‌ is in landscape mode. You can also get to the option from the Edit interface of the widget, and if you pin favorites, those widgets will always display first.

4. New gesture: You can swipe up and down to view the website page as fast as you want, and move the cursor anywhere in the text paragraph freely. Double-tap is for sentence selecting, triple taps for paragraph selecting. Pinch-in is for copy and pinch-out is for paste. Three fingers swipe for undo or redo.

5. Slide over for improvement: You can drag apps into Slide Over on the left or the right side of the screen, and you can open multiple Slide Over apps. Swap between them with a swipe, and swipe up and hold to get to an interface where you can see all of your open Slide Over apps and close the ones you don't need.

6. Multiple windows: You can use two windows reparative on the screen to work or transferring documents.

7. Multitasking notifications: When the new message-in window pup-up on the screen, you can drag it to the right to open it as a reparative window side by side

8. App expose: Long press on the App and select Show All Windows, you will see all the open windows.

9. Mouse support: The iPadOS have Bluetooth mouse connection support. Go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Touch >> Turn on “Assistive Touch”

These are the 9 features about iPadOS. You will find it a handful if you have installed this new system on your iPad. Furthermore, we suggest you learn something about iPad maintenance if you are using an iPad now. You may also check some iPad parts in our store, such as for iPad 10.2 LCD screen and digitizer assembly with flex cable replacement here. Any questions about iPad parts, please feel free to contact us.
9 features about iPadOS

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