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The disadvantage of update your smartphone system


System upgrades will make smart-phone slow. As we mentioned that the system upgrade can make the phone run faster, in fact, the system upgrade may also slow down the system. There is an opinion that do not upgrade system of old iPhone to the latest iOS, or it will make you want to change a new device. This is true because new systems often tend to the latest and higher-profile hardware, so it’s not impossible that it consumes more memory and performance after upgrading.

System upgrades have the possibility of failure. Although the OTA upgrade in general is very reliable, it still has a certain risk to fail. Many iPhone users encountered the 'bricked' problem when IOS10 system is officially pushed last year.


New system learning costs. Every time major version upgrade of the system, the system UI layout, the additions of new functions and the redesign of old functions will make some users cannot adapt it.

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