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Replace iPad Pro 10.5” Touch Screen and Digitizer Assembly

Tools required:

Phillips screwdriver

Hard plastic triangle plectrum



Steel pry tool

Hot air gun

Step 1: Tear down and separate the iPad Pro 10.5 touch screen and digitizer assembly

1.1 Turn off the iPad, hot air gun blowing on the screen edge to soften the frame adhesive glue, then use a thin steel pry tool to make a gap between the screen and the frame

1.2 Use hard plastic triangle plectrum to slice around the gap slowly, you may need three or more plectrums here

1.3 When the display screen is separated, slowly pry up it from the frame on the top side

1.4 Hold the screen with a hand, loosen the two screws on the metal bracket, and then remove the metal bracket which covered on the flex cables with tweezers

1.5 Disconnect the four flex cables when the bracket is away, and then you may take down the display screen assembly

Step 2: Replace iPad Pro 10.5 LCD touch screen and digitizer assembly

2.1 Take down the home button from the old display screen

2.11 Tear up the small piece of black tape on the home button with tweezers

2.12 Release the connector by slicing out the flex cable with spudger

2.13 Disconnect the two adhesive gobs with spudger which is for holding the home button and touch ID, pry it up from the front panel. Be careful and don’t damage the flex

2.14 Remove the home button and the touch ID assembly from the screen with spudger

2.2 Install the home button and Touch ID assembly on the new screen, connect the bracket back to fix the home button

2.3 Connect back the home button flex cable with tweezers and paste the small piece of black adhesive back

Step 3: Reinstall the iPad Pro 10.5 screen and reassemble the device

3.1 Attach a new black adhesive frame sticker around the new iPad screen and digitizer assembly

3.2 Connect the four screen flex cables back

3.3 Cover the metal bracket back for fixing the flex cables and screw back the two Phillips screws

3.4 Gently and slowly attach the display screen on the frame, slightly press each corner and the edge, and make sure there are no gaps

3.5 Turn on the device and check the new-replaced screen about the touch sensitiveness and App response. All process is done!

Note: the whole process will be a little complicated for someone who not familiar with mobile device repair. We suggest you go to the Apple authorized service center or the repair shop if you are not confident about yourself. Just be patient and careful if you are taking the process on it.

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How to Replace iPad Pro 10.5” Touch Screen and Digitizer Assembly  

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9 Features You Should Know About iPadOS

The iPadOS launched in October this year. This new operating system is special developed for iPad. Just as the same features of iOS 13 to iPhone, the iPadOS provides us nine useful features to us, which might not be known for everybody. Let’s see what these features are.

1. Quick screenshots: Use iPad pencil to scrap from the left corner to center on the screen, you could make a quick screenshot.

2. Floating keyboard: Pinch in or long-press on the keyboard dismiss button to select the floating option, you can activate the floating keyboard. You can drag the floating keyboard anywhere around the iPad screen. Quick-path typing is also working on floating keyboard.

3. Overhauled home screen: Swipe over to the right and on the widget, select "Add to Home Screen." You can fit more icons on the ‌iPad‌'s Home screen, and the Today view widget can now be permanently positioned on the Home screen when the ‌iPad‌ is in landscape mode. You can also get to the option from the Edit interface of the widget, and if you pin favorites, those widgets will always display first.

4. New gesture: You can swipe up and down to view the website page as fast as you want, and move the cursor anywhere in the text paragraph freely. Double-tap is for sentence selecting, triple taps for paragraph selecting. Pinch-in is for copy and pinch-out is for paste. Three fingers swipe for undo or redo.

5. Slide over for improvement: You can drag apps into Slide Over on the left or the right side of the screen, and you can open multiple Slide Over apps. Swap between them with a swipe, and swipe up and hold to get to an interface where you can see all of your open Slide Over apps and close the ones you don't need.

6. Multiple windows: You can use two windows reparative on the screen to work or transferring documents.

7. Multitasking notifications: When the new message-in window pup-up on the screen, you can drag it to the right to open it as a reparative window side by side

8. App expose: Long press on the App and select Show All Windows, you will see all the open windows.

9. Mouse support: The iPadOS have Bluetooth mouse connection support. Go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Touch >> Turn on “Assistive Touch”

These are the 9 features about iPadOS. You will find it a handful if you have installed this new system on your iPad. Furthermore, we suggest you learn something about iPad maintenance if you are using an iPad now. You may also check some iPad parts in our store, such as for iPad 10.2 LCD screen and digitizer assembly with flex cable replacement here. Any questions about iPad parts, please feel free to contact us.
9 features about iPadOS

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How to Replace the iPhone XR SIM Card Reader

The iPhone XR SIM card reader in a small part inside the phone. There are problems on this part rarely on our daily use, but if your iPhone XR is water damaged, it will cause insensitive for SIM card reading to your phone. Here we would like to show you how to replace the iPhone XR SIM card in procedures. Remember, the whole process is not complicated if you are familiar with the iPhone XR internal structure. All you need is to get all the tools ready and your patience and carefulness as well. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Teardown the iPhone XR and separate the display screen

1.1 Turn off the iPhone, loosen the two pentalobe screws on the bottom

1.2 Use hot air gun or hair dryer blowing the edge to soften the glue adhesive for easy separation, then use a suction cup and a hard plectrum to separate the display screen

1.3 Disconnect the battery flex cable and loosen the three Y-type screws on the cover plate, and then remove the metal plate with tweezers

1.4 Loosen the two Y-type screws on the screen flex cables cover plate and remove the plate

1.5 Disconnect the display flex cables with a spudger

1.6 Loosen the three Y-type screws and two Phillips screws on another screen flex cable cover plate and then take out the metal plate with tweezers

1.7 Disconnect the flex cable, and now the display screen is entirely separated

2. Take out the old SIM card reader and replace with the new one

2.1 Take out the SIM card tray with the eject our tool, disconnect the SIM card reader flex cables with a spudger

2.2 Loosen the two Phillips screws and a standoff screw on the sensor so that the old SIM card reader could be removed

2.3 Place the new SIM card reader and screw back the screws, connect the flex cables

2.4 Insert the SIM card tray back, clean the glue adhesive around the edge and use a new frame adhesive on it

3. Reinstall the display screen and reassemble the iPhone XR

3.1 Connect the display screen flex cable back, place the metal bracket and screw back

3.2 Connect other flex cables back, and recover the small plate and screw it back

3.3 Connect the battery flex cable and recover the metal bracket and screw it back

3.4 Turn on the iPhone and test the new SIM card reader

3.5 Install the display screen and seal up the phone, screw back the two pentalobe screws on the bottom, all process done

Your iPhone XR will not be 100% waterproof after it is torn down. We suggest you go to the Apple authorized service center if you are not confident about yourself. Besides, there are so many small parts and types of screws contained, you’d better make catalogs on them and do not mess up. You may also go to our online store to look for the new iPhone XR replacement parts you need. Any questions about the process above, please leave your comments so that we could help.

replace iPhone XR SIM card reader

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How to Replace the iPhone X Rear Camera Lens Glass

​The iPhone X’s rear camera lens glass is fragile, which needs extra good protection while you are using it. When the rear camera lens glass is broken unavoidably, we suggest you have it replaced. Smashing the broken glass and replacing the new one directly without tearing the phone would break the rear cameras or leave the fragments on the cameras which will affect the camera's normal working. Here we would like to show you how to replace the iPhone X rear camera lens glass in the right way.

1. Tear down the iPhone and separate the display screen

1.1 Power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray with an eject tool

1.2 Loosen the two pentalobe screws on the bottom, use a suction cup and triangle case opening tool to separate the screen after hot air gun blowing

1.3 Loosen the seven tri-wing screws and remove the metal bracket on the flex cables

1.4 Disconnect the flex cables in order, the battery flex cable first, then the screen flex cables and the earpiece flex cable

1.5 Remove the display screen, loosen the two Phillips screws

2. Take out the rear camera and replace the rear camera lens glass

2.1 Pry out the small metal bracket with a steel spatula and take it out with tweezers, disconnect the rear cameras flex cables

2.2 Pry up the rear cameras slowly with a spudger and take it out

2.3 Destroy the broken lens glass and replace with the new one on it

3. Connect the display and test the camera, reassemble the phone

3.1 Install the rear cameras back and connect the flex cables

3.2 Place the small metal bracket back and screw the two Phillips screws

3.3 Connect the flex cables back, from the earpiece flex cable, the screen flex cables and the battery cables at last

3.4 Turn on the phone and test the camera, open the camera and take video to check the clarity

Of the video

3.5 Disconnect and remove the screen again, clear out the black adhesive on the frame edge and past a new frame adhesive on it

3.6 Connect the screen again and seal up the phone, make sure each corner are tightly sealed with no gaps

The rear camera lens glass of the iPhone X’s is easy to break, which needs extra good protection. Using an iPhone X protective case is good way for lens glass protection. Anyway, the whole process above is not so complicated and you can do it yourself at home, but we suggest you go to the repair shop or Apple-authorized service center if you are not confident about yourself. Here we provide new iPhone X rear-facing camera lens for replacement in our store, just feel free to contact us via email of service@etradesupply.com if you have interests.
How to replace the iPhone x rear camera lens glass   

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10 Hidden Features about Apple Watch Series 5

Apple released Apple Watch Series 5 in September this year. With the operating system upgraded to WatchOS 6, this smartwatch is powerful on many functions. Here we share 10 hidden features about Apple Watch Series 5, we hope this would be helpful for us to better understand this new Apple watch. Let's check this out.

1. Quickly view the Safari website on the watch: Long pressing on the digital crown and activate Siri to Google the website with keywords, select the website you want to watch by scrolling.

2. Calculate tips smartly on calculator App: Calculate the tips and divided fees by entering numbers of people.

3. Hide sensitive complications on your watch screen: Go to Brightness & Text Size >> Always On >> Turn on “Hide sensitive Complications”.

4. Quick access to secret zoom functionality on the watch: Scroll down to the bottom and choose Accessibility Shortcut on iPhone Apple Watch control center and select zoom, then you can enable and disable zoom function on your Apple watch by triple-click digital crown.

5. Set up Emergency SOS: Long pressing on the side button your watch will dial to the emergency service center automatically after you set up this function.

6. Create default reply on your watch: Go to Apple Watch App and scroll down to select Messages, tap on Default Replies to custom your own default reply.

7. New voice recording App: record, play and delete your voice memos.

8. Noise App to measure voice around you: to protect your ear hearing

9. The voice telling you the time by two fingers tapping

10. Ping your iPhone by sound or flashlight to find your phone

These are the 10 features we want to share. Hopefully, you will learn the Apple Watch Series 5 better and make it serve you better. Besides, we suggest you know some Apple watch parts such as Apple Watch 4 LCD screen and digitizer assembly replacement we are supplying here. You may also leave your comments if you know other tips and tricks about Apple Watch. We appreciate your support.
Apple Watch Series 5 features
More specifics about this article please go to Etrade Supply blog of 10 Hidden Features You Should Know about Apple Watch Series 5.  

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Three Ways to Share your Photos and Links in iOS 13

The iOS 13 has brought so many new easy and convenient ways on our iPhone usage. Here we would like to share three new ways of sharing photos and links on message texting. We know that the process of sharing photos or links is a little complicated in the former iOS version. It would be easier if you have iOS 13 software installed or you have iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro used after you learned these three ways.

1. Smart sharing suggestion

When you share something on iOS 13, there will be a recommendation of who to share in a sheet to you, along with available AirDrop devices. This also works well on the third party social apps massages like Facebook Message or Snapchat.

2. A new way of sorting Apps and shortcuts

There will be a long column of option in the share sheet below the contact and app suggestion. This will make you a good way of sharing photos and links. You can choose what you are sharing and where you are sharing it from. There will be options like adding a link to bookmarks or setting a photo as a wallpaper. If you have installed a shortcut application, this will make you much easier to edit photos or direct links on the list.

3. Edit your sharing lists

You can still edit and rearrange what apps or options are displayed in the Share Sheet. For app suggestions, scroll to the left until you find the Edit button. Select it, and then turn on or off each app you want to show up in the sheet. Besides, you can choose what you don’t want to share. It’s quite convenient.

These three tips will make your message texting easier and quicker. For more about features of iOS 13 please refer to our blog on our website www.etradesupply.com/blog. By the way, we have new arrival iPhone 11 parts for iPhone 11 pro max LCD screen and digitizer assembly replacement. Please check it out in our store or contact us if you have interests. You may also leave your comments if you have new tips about iOS 13. We appreciate your sharing.

new ways to share photos and links on iOS 13  

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Top 10 Features that iOS 13 Brings to Your iPhone

Apple release iOS 13 to iPhone on September 19th. This powerful operating system brings more than 20 features to our iPhone. Here we conclude the top 10 features of these and we hope it could be helpful for you to understand iOS 13 well. Let’s check this out:

1. Dark mode: two different visual versions to wallpaper and Apps

2. New Animoji and updated Emoji: to make your unique emoji with specifics

3. Privacy enhancements: show your location in Apps or not, it’s optional to you

4. Redesigned volume HUD: easy to control your volume on screen

5. Quick path typing: make your text typing so much quick and easy

6. New reminders App: make your daily arrangement in good order in items and tabs

7. New Find My App: make it easy to find your friends or family via location sharing

8. Rebuilt maps App: the most intelligent 3D map in iPhone as Google view

9. Redesigned photos App: make your photos in-stream and editable with more adjustable effects

10. Apple Arcade: more mobile phone games provided in a low monthly price

These 10 features are the most amazing features that iOS 13 brings to our iPhone. We suggest you try some if you have your iPhone upgraded to iOS 13. Also, you’d better learn something about iPhone maintenance as well as the internal structure and parts. Here we provide new iPhone X parts for iPhone X LCD display screen and digitizer assembly replacement in our store. Contact us if you have interests or leave your comments if you have problems.

10 features of iOS 13 to your iPhone

This article is resources from Etrade Supply blog, for details please go to www.etradesupply.com/blog/   

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How to Replace the iPhone XR Charging Port

Sometimes your iPhone XR’s would be damaged on the charging port after water damaged. You will need to replace it with a new one. Here we would like to show you how to replace an iPhone XR charging port in steps. Let’s check it out below:

Step 1: Teardown the phone

1.1 Take out the SIM card tray and snap off the two screws on the bottom
1.2 Separate the screen with ultra-thin plastic cards and a suction cup
1.3 Twist off the two Phillips screws eight Y-type screws
1.4 Take out the protection metal boards, disconnect the battery cable, the display flex cable, touch flex cable, ear speaker flex cable

Step 2: Remove the Loudspeaker and Taptic engine

2.1 Remove the black adhesive, twist off the 14 Philips screws and 5 cross screws
2.2 Take out the single cable, the SIM card holder
2.3 Snap off the two cross screws and take out the loudspeaker
2.4 Disconnect the Taptic engine and take it out

Step 3: Remove the motherboard

3.1 Disconnect the signal cable, charging port cable, wireless charger, dot projector, front camera, cellular antenna, IR camera, power button, rear camera
3.2 Take out the motherboard

Step 4: Remove the charging port flex

4.1 Twist off the two Phillips screws and cross screws
4.2 Disconnect the flex and take out the charging port

Step 5: Install the new charging port flex

5.1 Place the new iPhone XR charging port flex and connect the flex cable
5.2 Screw back the two Phillips screws and cross screws
5.3 Install the motherboard back and connect the flex cables in step 3.1, except the battery flex
5.4 Install the SIM card holder, connect the flex cable and screw back the screws
5.5 Install the Taptic engine back
5.6 Install the single cable and 7 screws back
5.7 Install the charging port, connect the display screen flex cables and battery flex cable

Step 6: Check the charging port

6.1 Turn on the phone and plug the charger to see if it is normal charging
6.2 Test the screen of the touch response
6.3 Disconnect the display and battery, cover the screen adhesive
6.4 Install the display screen and connect the flex cables in step 1.4
6.5 Seal up the screen the phone, all process done

The whole process is a little complicated which requires our carefulness and patience. If you are not confident about yourself, we suggest you go to the repair shop. There are new iPhone XR replacement parts on sale in our store, you may take a visit if you are interested. Any questions about the steps above, you may leave your comments below. We will reply to you as soon as we see it.
 replace iPhone XR charging port

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10 Tips You Might Not Know About iPhone XS/XS Max

Your iPhone XS or XS Max has more powerful functions than you know as long as you keep discovering. Since Apple upgrade the operating system to iOS 12, iPhone XS and XS Max are faster on application response. Maybe you think yourself of an iPhone master who knows everything about iPhone using tips, but there are some special tips you skip and which will be simple and useful to you. Here we discover 10 tips about iPhone XS and XS Max and we hope these could be helpful to you.

​1. How to quick unlock Face ID: Settings >> Face ID & Passcode >> enter passcode >> turn off “require attention for Face ID” >> tap ok when the little warning pop up
​2. Swiping back to quickly delete wrong digits in calculator
​3. Tell Siri to generate random passcode for you
​4. Half pull the Wi-Fi network list for manual refresh
​5. Check your battery usage in the monitor
​6. Add cellular in cellular plan
​7. High-level compass in measure application
​8. Search lyrics in Music App
​9. Website icons tweak in Safari
​10. Tell Siri to show all your passwords

​These are the 10 tips we would like to share here. Hopefully, you would learn much from these tips and make iPhone XS/XS Max a good tool in your daily life. Besides, if you are really a big fan of Apple products, you may also learn some maintenance knowledge. Here we suggest you take a view on some iPhone XS/XS Max replacement parts in our store like iPhone XS LCD screen and digitizer assembly replacement. You may also contact us if you have questions on iPhone repair or iPhone internal parts.

10 iPhone XS/XS Max tricks and tips

Description above is from Etrade Supply blog of www.etradesupply.com/blog, if you have some tips about iPhone, please leave your comments below and share. We appreciate that.  

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How Much Do You Know About Motorola Moto One Zoom?

Motorola Moto One Zoom launches on the US and Europe market in September. This smartphone model new smartphone model is special for powerful quad-camera system and large HD+ display screen. Will it be our good choice in the 2019 smartphones? what differences does it make to us? Let's see the specifics about Motorola Moto One Zoom below:

1. 6.4' large OLED display screen
2. Powerful quad-camera system
3. 25MP front camera
4. 4G RAM, 128G storage
5. Snapdragon 675 chipset
6. 4000 mAh battery
7. Android 9.0 pie operation system
8. 3.5 mm headphone jack + Type C USB port

Motorola Moto One Zoom has the best internal operation system, and the sales price is reasonable. This smartphone will be hit in the global mobile market. We’re sure the features of this phone model above will be attractive to you. Anyway, it’s recommended to get to know some Motorola internal parts if you are a big fan. Here we provide Motorola Moto G 5 small parts on our site and we suggest you take a view. And also, you may contact us via email if you have interest in our Motorola parts.

How Much Do You Know About Motorola Moto One Zoom?

This article is quoted from Etrade Supply blog, for details please go to How Much Do You Know About Motorola Moto One Zoom?

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