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How to Fix the iPhone 11 Face ID Issue

Sometimes our iPhone 11 face ID keeps failing for recognition, which keeps reminding us to move the iPhone higher all the time. Although we have reset every setting on our iPhone, this issue still exists and we don’t why. This might be the problem of the dot projector flex of the Face ID module. Here we show you a repair case about how to fix the iPhone 11 face ID issue by replacing the damaged dot projector flex.

1. Tear down the iPhone and take out the face ID module

Unbolt the two pentalobe screws on the bottom. Slice and pry up the display screen, then loosen the screws and remove the metal shield for fixing the display flex cables. Disconnect the flex cables and separate the display screen completely afterward. Here we can see the face ID module in the upside, which is combined with the two front cameras. Apply pieces of heatproof protector film on the cameras in case of damaging the cameras. Use a steel pry tool and tweezers to take down the face ID module.

2. Separate the dot projector flex and record the data with JC Pro 1000S programmer

Connect the face ID cameras module to the JC Pro 1000S programmer. Back up the data to the programmer. Unplug the flex connector and connect a new dot projector flex to the programmer after that. Copy the data to the new flex. Install and connect the face ID cameras module back to the iPhone for testing. Power on the iPhone if no “Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone” shows, means the dot projector flex data is successfully backup.

3. Separate the dot projector from the face ID module and take off the disk

Firstly, tear off the heat-resistant sticker from the Face ID module. Grind the metal shield and heat up with a hot air gun to separate remove the shield from the model. Continue to heat up on the dot projector flex until it is separated from the model with a prying tool. Hot air blowing on the flex to separate the disk from it.

4. Short connect the power supply diode on the disk and install it on the new dot projector flex

Plate tin on the new dot projector flex, and clean the flex with PCB cleaner. Separate the dot projector from the module. Remove the short-circuited diode from the disk under hot air gun blowing. Plate tin on the diode position, and apply the disk on to the new dot projector flex under hot air gun blowing. Connect the flex to the JC Pro programmer and test if it is normal. Assemble the flex to the iPhone 11 integrated front-facing cameras module with 460 glue, make sure it is on the exact position.

5. Install the new dot projector flex on the Face ID module, and install the module back to iPhone

Connect the face ID module to the iPhone and test the face ID function. Go to Settings >> Face ID & Passcode and set up the face ID. Here we can see the face ID function is normal. Try to turn off the screen and unlock the iPhone with face ID after it is set up successfully. Face ID is normal, the issue is fixed. Reassemble the iPhone 11 display screen and digitizer, all procedure is finished.

The iPhone face ID recognition problem can be many reasons, we kindly advise our users to check out the reason. Also, you may come to Etrade Supply for iPhone 11 replacement parts for wholesale if you are looking for iPhone parts for repair. You may also contact us if you have questions about iPhone repair. We are glad to help.

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