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How to Disappear the iPhone Non-Genuine Battery Warning

When we swap our iPhone battery with the third-party battery, there will be a message of non-genuine battery warning pop-up on the screen when we turn on the phone. This makes the awkwardness and frustration to our customers, although the newly replaced battery is good. Here Etrade Supply would like to show you tricks on how to make the warning message disappear for a month, without tearing down the iPhone and the battery.

>> Step 1: Turn on the phone, switch off the Wi-Fi WLAN and Bluetooth. Open Airplane mode.

>> Step 2: Go to General > Date & Time, adjust the time to a month later   

>> Step 3: Turn off the iPhone and then restart, go to Settings > General > Date & Time, swipe on Set Automatically

>> Step 4: Turn off Airplane mode, Swipe on Wi-Fi WLAN and Bluetooth, power off the iPhone

>> Step 5: Restart the phone again, the pop-up warning message disappears. We don’t have to tear down the new iPhone 11 battery

Notice: The procedure will be successful disappear the pop-up warning message for a month, but the non-genuine warning is still on Settings of the battery health. If you want to erase the warning permanently, you will have to tear down the battery and swap the battery management system board. Specific steps refer to Etrade Supply blog of:  How to Erase the Non-Genuine Battery Warning on iPhone . You may also go to Etrade Supply for new iPhone swap parts such as iPhone LCD display screen and small parts if you have interests.

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