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5 Useful Tips and Tricks You Should Know About iPhone

We use our iPhone every day but we seldom know about all the functions iPhone could do for us. Although we use our iPhone quite a long time, there are still some hidden functional features we do not know about it. Here we would like to share 5 tips and tricks about our iPhone with you. You should try each of them and make your iPhone more efficient for use.

1. Custom actions on Assistive Touch

We can custom lots of actions by setting on Assistive Touch. This give us the shortcuts on taking a lot of actions only by taping on the float home button. For example, we can go to apps switcher by double-tap on home button, triple-tap to home screen, etc. To custom our manipulate actions, we can go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Touch >> Assistive Touch. There you can see three actions for you to set the shortcuts.

2. Sign on documents scanned with notes App

Our iPhone not only can scan documents with iPhone rear camera to note app, but also can add signature on the scanned documents. Tap on the document you want to sign and tap on the share button on the upright. Tap on markup and then the plus button on the side. Tap on signature and then you can add your select signature on any place you like on the document. You may also adjust the size of the signature.

3. Quick keywords searching on Safari

Sometimes it takes us a lot of time on searching the contents we want on a page with our phone. This function will be a great help to us. We can simply enter the keywords and tap on the result. We can see all the words in we are searching for in the context. We can tap down to check more keywords in the page and search the context we want.

4. Units convert easily on spotlight search

We don’t have to download a third party app for convert units or currency if we know this trick on our iPhone. All we have to do is entering the units on the spotlight search, the searching results will show you the answer. For example, when we enter “1 US dollar to pounds” on the spotlight search, there will be answers on the result. Besides, we can tap on the result to copy the converted data.

5. Attention Awareness features

Our iPhone can automatically adjust the screen lightness and the notification sound on our eye awareness to the iPhone display screen. Most of us would not know this function and even use it. When you turn on Attention Awareness on your iPhone, the Face ID sensor will automatically notify your face if you are taking attention on the screen so that it can adjust the lightness and the screen auto-lock time, and so as the notification volume sound.

These are the five useful tips and trick we may not know about our iPhone. There are more hidden iPhone tips and tricks we don’t use quite much but will find them quite useful after we try and use it. Besides, you may also come to Etrade Supply for iPhone replacement parts such like iPhone 11 LCD display screen and digitizer replacement and so on. You may also contact us if you have interests on our products.

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