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How to Replace iPhone SE 2020 Rear Camera

The iPhone SE 2020’s rear camera is a replaceable part and it is compatible with the iPhone 8 rear camera. Here we would like to demonstrate how to tear down the iPhone SE 2nd display and replace the rear camera. We hope this could be the tutorial guide for someone who is interested in smartphone repair. Check this out:

1. Tear down the iPhone and separate the display
First of all, we need to turn off the phone and take out the SIM card tray. Loosen and twist off the two pentalobe screws on the bottom. Use hot air gun to blow on the edge and each corner of the display for easy separation. Use a suction cup and ultra-thin plastic plectrum to slice around and separate the display. Undo the four Philips screws and remove the metal panel for fixing the display flex cables. Disconnect the battery cable and the display flex cables. Loosen and twist off the Phillips screws and remove the small shield for fixing the front-facing camera flex cable. Disconnect the front camera flex cable. Now we can separate the display completely from the iPhone.

2. Replace the iPhone SE 2020 rear camera
Loosen and snap off the two screws and remove the metal shield for fixing the rear camera. Use a spudger to pry out and remove the rear camera carefully from the iPhone. Install the new iPhone SE 2020 rear camera into the iPhone, just be careful and don’t leave any dirt, dust, or fingerprint on the camera lens. Plugin the cable and place the small metal shield on it. Tighten the screws for fixing the camera.

3. Test the new camera and reassemble the display back
Connect the display flex cables and the battery flex cable. Turn on the iPhone and open the camera to test the new camera function. Make sure the clarity and the auto-lightness function are OK. Turn off the phone again. Disconnect the display cables and the battery cable again. Connect the front camera flex cable back to the phone and fixing the metal panel back with screws. Connect the display flex and battery flex back, make sure it is well plugged. Fixing the display connector with the metal panel and tighten the screws. Assemble the display to the phone. Slightly press on the edge and each corner to make sure it is tightly sealed. Insert the iPhone SE 2nd SIM card tray and turn on the iPhone, all process is completed.

Needless to say, replacing your iPhone rear camera by yourself at home would save you a lot of money. On the other hand, you should be careful and patient in the procedure and don’t break the inner parts. Etrade Supply offers the best iPhone replacement parts at lower prices, such as iPhone SE 2020 LCD display, iPhone battery, iPhone cameras, etc. Please contact us if you are interested.
How to Replace iPhone SE 2020 Rear Camera

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