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How to Keep Your iPhone on 100% Battery health

The battery life is always the thing we care about most to our phone. Learning some tips about how to prolong our iPhone battery life is important. Here we make a brief on how to make your battery working in a good state for you, and also we would like to talk about if battery replacement tips later on. Just check this out below.

1. What is battery life different from battery lifespan?

Before we bring up the tips of keeping your phone battery in the best health, we need to understand two different conceptions about the mobile phone battery. The battery life means the time your phone battery from 100% fully charged to zero entirely out. The battery lifespan tends to be longer, which means from the time of the original new battery until it completely wears out after a time of discharging and recharging. The battery lifespan could be years long.

2. How to prolong iPhone battery life?

Firstly, open optimized battery charging all the time if your iPhone has been iOS 13 upgraded. If your iPhone us under the version of iOS 12, keep your iPhone battery power on an average of 20% to 80%. Besides, charging your iPhone with fake cheap cables will greatly impact on your iPhone. Fake cables charging will heat the battery which will damage the battery. Get your iPhone an authentic one is good for your iPhone battery’s health. Furthermore, the temperature will be an impaction on your iPhone battery life. The best working temperature for the devices is from 0℃ to 35℃. You should not use your iPhone under the temperature of too cold or too hot.

3. Is it battery replacement feasible to our iPhone after years used?

If your iPhone battery is wearing out, you may need to consider it. Our advice for you is to the Apple authorized repair center. Don’t purchase the fake cheap iPhone battery to replace your original one for your iPhone safety sake. If you are confident about yourself, you may try to replace your iPhone battery at home. You may check it on our tutorial course if you like to know how to replace iPhone 7 Plus battery.

Just as we have mentioned at the beginning, your iPhone battery health is important. We hope our tips and advice will be helpful to you. Finally, we have a new large capacity iPhone battery stock-in our store. Check it out on our website you have interests or contact with us via E-mail. Leave your comments if you have ideas about how to prolong the iPhone battery so that we can share, we appreciate that.
How to Keep Your iPhone on 100% Battery health

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