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How to Replace the iPhone X Rear Camera Lens Glass

​The iPhone X’s rear camera lens glass is fragile, which needs extra good protection while you are using it. When the rear camera lens glass is broken unavoidably, we suggest you have it replaced. Smashing the broken glass and replacing the new one directly without tearing the phone would break the rear cameras or leave the fragments on the cameras which will affect the camera's normal working. Here we would like to show you how to replace the iPhone X rear camera lens glass in the right way.

1. Tear down the iPhone and separate the display screen

1.1 Power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray with an eject tool

1.2 Loosen the two pentalobe screws on the bottom, use a suction cup and triangle case opening tool to separate the screen after hot air gun blowing

1.3 Loosen the seven tri-wing screws and remove the metal bracket on the flex cables

1.4 Disconnect the flex cables in order, the battery flex cable first, then the screen flex cables and the earpiece flex cable

1.5 Remove the display screen, loosen the two Phillips screws

2. Take out the rear camera and replace the rear camera lens glass

2.1 Pry out the small metal bracket with a steel spatula and take it out with tweezers, disconnect the rear cameras flex cables

2.2 Pry up the rear cameras slowly with a spudger and take it out

2.3 Destroy the broken lens glass and replace with the new one on it

3. Connect the display and test the camera, reassemble the phone

3.1 Install the rear cameras back and connect the flex cables

3.2 Place the small metal bracket back and screw the two Phillips screws

3.3 Connect the flex cables back, from the earpiece flex cable, the screen flex cables and the battery cables at last

3.4 Turn on the phone and test the camera, open the camera and take video to check the clarity

Of the video

3.5 Disconnect and remove the screen again, clear out the black adhesive on the frame edge and past a new frame adhesive on it

3.6 Connect the screen again and seal up the phone, make sure each corner are tightly sealed with no gaps

The rear camera lens glass of the iPhone X’s is easy to break, which needs extra good protection. Using an iPhone X protective case is good way for lens glass protection. Anyway, the whole process above is not so complicated and you can do it yourself at home, but we suggest you go to the repair shop or Apple-authorized service center if you are not confident about yourself. Here we provide new iPhone X rear-facing camera lens for replacement in our store, just feel free to contact us via email of service@etradesupply.com if you have interests.
How to replace the iPhone x rear camera lens glass

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