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10 Hidden Features about Apple Watch Series 5

Apple released Apple Watch Series 5 in September this year. With the operating system upgraded to WatchOS 6, this smartwatch is powerful on many functions. Here we share 10 hidden features about Apple Watch Series 5, we hope this would be helpful for us to better understand this new Apple watch. Let's check this out.

1. Quickly view the Safari website on the watch: Long pressing on the digital crown and activate Siri to Google the website with keywords, select the website you want to watch by scrolling.

2. Calculate tips smartly on calculator App: Calculate the tips and divided fees by entering numbers of people.

3. Hide sensitive complications on your watch screen: Go to Brightness & Text Size >> Always On >> Turn on “Hide sensitive Complications”.

4. Quick access to secret zoom functionality on the watch: Scroll down to the bottom and choose Accessibility Shortcut on iPhone Apple Watch control center and select zoom, then you can enable and disable zoom function on your Apple watch by triple-click digital crown.

5. Set up Emergency SOS: Long pressing on the side button your watch will dial to the emergency service center automatically after you set up this function.

6. Create default reply on your watch: Go to Apple Watch App and scroll down to select Messages, tap on Default Replies to custom your own default reply.

7. New voice recording App: record, play and delete your voice memos.

8. Noise App to measure voice around you: to protect your ear hearing

9. The voice telling you the time by two fingers tapping

10. Ping your iPhone by sound or flashlight to find your phone

These are the 10 features we want to share. Hopefully, you will learn the Apple Watch Series 5 better and make it serve you better. Besides, we suggest you know some Apple watch parts such as Apple Watch 4 LCD screen and digitizer assembly replacement we are supplying here. You may also leave your comments if you know other tips and tricks about Apple Watch. We appreciate your support.
Apple Watch Series 5 features
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