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Three Ways to Share your Photos and Links in iOS 13

The iOS 13 has brought so many new easy and convenient ways on our iPhone usage. Here we would like to share three new ways of sharing photos and links on message texting. We know that the process of sharing photos or links is a little complicated in the former iOS version. It would be easier if you have iOS 13 software installed or you have iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro used after you learned these three ways.

1. Smart sharing suggestion

When you share something on iOS 13, there will be a recommendation of who to share in a sheet to you, along with available AirDrop devices. This also works well on the third party social apps massages like Facebook Message or Snapchat.

2. A new way of sorting Apps and shortcuts

There will be a long column of option in the share sheet below the contact and app suggestion. This will make you a good way of sharing photos and links. You can choose what you are sharing and where you are sharing it from. There will be options like adding a link to bookmarks or setting a photo as a wallpaper. If you have installed a shortcut application, this will make you much easier to edit photos or direct links on the list.

3. Edit your sharing lists

You can still edit and rearrange what apps or options are displayed in the Share Sheet. For app suggestions, scroll to the left until you find the Edit button. Select it, and then turn on or off each app you want to show up in the sheet. Besides, you can choose what you don’t want to share. It’s quite convenient.

These three tips will make your message texting easier and quicker. For more about features of iOS 13 please refer to our blog on our website www.etradesupply.com/blog. By the way, we have new arrival iPhone 11 parts for iPhone 11 pro max LCD screen and digitizer assembly replacement. Please check it out in our store or contact us if you have interests. You may also leave your comments if you have new tips about iOS 13. We appreciate your sharing.

new ways to share photos and links on iOS 13

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