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Top 10 Features that iOS 13 Brings to Your iPhone

Apple release iOS 13 to iPhone on September 19th. This powerful operating system brings more than 20 features to our iPhone. Here we conclude the top 10 features of these and we hope it could be helpful for you to understand iOS 13 well. Let’s check this out:

1. Dark mode: two different visual versions to wallpaper and Apps

2. New Animoji and updated Emoji: to make your unique emoji with specifics

3. Privacy enhancements: show your location in Apps or not, it’s optional to you

4. Redesigned volume HUD: easy to control your volume on screen

5. Quick path typing: make your text typing so much quick and easy

6. New reminders App: make your daily arrangement in good order in items and tabs

7. New Find My App: make it easy to find your friends or family via location sharing

8. Rebuilt maps App: the most intelligent 3D map in iPhone as Google view

9. Redesigned photos App: make your photos in-stream and editable with more adjustable effects

10. Apple Arcade: more mobile phone games provided in a low monthly price

These 10 features are the most amazing features that iOS 13 brings to our iPhone. We suggest you try some if you have your iPhone upgraded to iOS 13. Also, you’d better learn something about iPhone maintenance as well as the internal structure and parts. Here we provide new iPhone X parts for iPhone X LCD display screen and digitizer assembly replacement in our store. Contact us if you have interests or leave your comments if you have problems.

10 features of iOS 13 to your iPhone

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