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How to Teardown Samsung Galaxy A80?

Samsung Galaxy A80 is a great smartphone model
in this year. The most impressive for this mobile model might be its pop-up
rotating cameras. Since this Samsung model has been released in the global
market, you might be interested in what’s the internal structure inside this
smartphone as well. Here we make a specification about Samsung Galaxy A80
teardown, hope you will learn more about this Samsung A80 from our
demonstration below.


1.      Power off the phone, take out
the SIM card with the SIM card eject out tool

2.      Separate the back housing with
a plastic triangle opening tool and thin plastic sheet

3.      Twist off the 14 Philips screws

4.      Remove the top cover

5.      Disconnect the battery cable, the
signal wire ports, the mainboard cable which connects with the speaker assembly
and charger port

6.      Remove the two black plastic
covers on both sides

7.      Twist off the six Philips
screws so that we could remove the camera assembly

8.      Snap off the five Philips
screws and remove the mainboard

9.      Disconnect the camera cables and
separate the mainboard, so that we can take the process of the rotating cameras

10.   Remove the bottom cover

11.   Disconnect the mainboard cable,
the fingerprint reader cable, the screen cable, and the two signal wire cables

12.   Twist off this Philips screw,
lift and remove the charger port module

13.   Snap off the two screws and
take out the fingerprint reader

14.   Remove the plastic tab, and the
squirt thermal pad and the vibrator motor as well

Since the
rest of the parts are closely connected, there is no point to go on further
disassembly about this device. Teardown of the screen and frame refers to our
previous article of Samsung S7 LCD screen replacement in our blog. Anyway, we
should make catalogs on the parts and screws so that they won’t be in a mess or
lost. You may go to see more about our Samsung
Galaxy Note 9 replacement parts
if you are interested.  

Samsung Galaxy A80 teardown

is quoted from Etrade Supply blog of How
to teardown Samsung Galaxy A80 and reassembly

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