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8 Sides You May not Know About iPhone Face ID System

Most people may not know that the iPhone' Face ID system is much better than the primary Touch system on accuracy and recognition speed. To get to know more about this mobile security system, here we would like to share 8 aspects of iPhone's Face ID system with you. Let's specify them on the description below.

1. Face ID’s “Required Attention” is Optional

2. Dim the Screen Automatically When You Not Looking At It

3. Face ID Now Supports 2 Faces recognition

4. You can reactivate Face ID for Rescanning

5. You can quickly Disable Face ID

6. Control App what Face ID unlocks

7. You Don’t Need to Wait for the Padlock To Unlock

8. You Need to Reset Face ID if it failed for recognition for many times

Your iPhone is far more interesting and intelligent than you ever knew as long as you keep discovering. With the time you are using the iPhone, it is recommended that you should get to know some iPhone XR replacement parts. Etrade Supply would be grateful if you need help or repair technical support from us. Please leave your comments below or contact us if you have new ideas.

iPhone face id recognition system

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