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Things you should know about Unreal Mobile service

Unreal Mobile is a FreedomPop spinoff that hopes to lure customers away from soon-to-merge Sprint and T-Mobile. Is it a carrier worth considering? Let's answer that question by answering some other questions.

How much will it cost?

Unreal Mobile offers contract-free plans starting at $10 per month. That base plan includes unlimited calls, texts and data, with 1GB of high-speed data that can roll over from month to month.

A $15-per-month plan bumps you to 2GB, and for $30 you get 5GB. How does that compare with other budget-minded MVNOs? Mint Mobile, for one, also offers 2GB per month for $15, but you have to prepay for 3 or 12 months at a time.

Tello charges $14 and $19 per month for unlimited service and 1GB and 2GB of high-speed data. And TextNow recently introduced an unlimited single-line plan for $40 per month.

So Unreal's rates are definitely among the lowest around, though some carriers get pretty close.

What else is included?

All plans include ad-blocking, VPN, live online support and rollover data: Any unused high-speed data is added to your overall pot. Unreal also lets you use your number on a tablet or computer in addition to your phone.

That last part is interesting. Although your phone will have a traditional SIM cardand use a traditional mobile network (see below), your phone number will be virtual, and therefore accessible via voice-over-IP on other devices.

If mobile hotspot is either included or available separately, we have no idea: It's not mentioned anywhere, including Unreal's FAQ pages.

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