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LG G7 listed on official website

Well, well, well, what do we have here, LG, are you mentioning a certain yet-to-be-announced flagship on an official website? The unveiling must be near, if LG UK has already listed one "future LG G7" as featuring Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4.0 technology. Wait, what, will the G7 pull a diy waterproof phone case , and launch with Snapdragon 835 instead of 845?

LG G7 listed on official website, may pull a G6, and launch with Snapdragon 835

Not so fast. While the fast charging tech listed for the G7 here is not Quick Charge 4+ that we detailed not long ago, we doubt that LG will launch its seasonal flagship with, say, 835. It's just that most phones still support some equivalent of Quick Charge 3.0, so 4.0, and a Snapdragon 845 to go with it, is an equal possibility, too. Granted, Qualcomm lists 4+ under the Snapdragon 845 specifications roster, but the first how to check original iphone announced with 4+, the Nubia Z17, actually has a Snapdragon 835 inside, so obviously manufacturers can mix and match.

Still, we'll be very curious to gauge what chipset will G7 come with, given that both the 835 and 845 are made with a 10nm process, just that the 845 has the second generation of it. Given that Samsung is rumored to hog all the initial supply of 845s, LG might have been put in a tight space if it wants to launch the G7 concurrently with the Galaxy S9 at MWC next month. What do you think, will LG G7 pull a G6, and come with 2017's finest, instead of Snapdragon 845?

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