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iPhone X reveals the secrets of iPhones yet to come

Apple bills the iPhone X as "the smartphone of the future."

But we're sitting here tinkering with the iPhone X now, and can't help but to wonder what's next.

Fortunately, the new features of the iPhone X -- the TrueDepth camera, Face ID and even the new, bezel-less design -- offer hints of where the wholesale Samsung Galaxy S8 LCD screen may go next. This is what Apple does: introduce a series of features over several generations, like Apple Wallet and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, only to combine them into a new capability like Apple Pay years later.

"If the iPhone X is Apple's foundation for the next 10 years, then what we see now will be the springboard for future iterations," said Ramon Llamas, an analyst at IDC.

Thanks to the clues left in the last two generations of iPhones, we were prepared when Apple finally shed the physical home button on the iPhone X.

So what does the future of the iPhone have in store for us? We offer a few educated guesses -- and our own personal hopes -- for what we'll see in the next generation of the iPhone.

The iPhone X boldly replaced the home button with a series of swipes and an emphasis on the larger side button.

The transition didn't need to be that extreme. In fact, the iPhone X's longer display is perfectly suited for a virtual home button -- one that can change depending on the app or situation. Apple has already done a good job creating the illusion of physical buttons with its haptic feedback -- those virtual buttons for the flashlight and camera on the lock screen are good examples.

iPhone X home button

Bringing back a virtual home button may not seem to make sense when there's already a totally new Samsung Galaxy S8 display interface, but mixed with pressure-sensitive and tactile feedback, it could be used to add ways to access things like folders, recently-used apps, or bring up a larger dock featured in the iPad Pro.

You can see Apple more aggressively use 3D Touch to create the illusion that you're actually clicking down on a button, which, we have to admit, is more satisfying than a virtual tap. Why not have a multipurpose pressure zone that can be turned on to control more things at a tap?

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