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Buy one iPhone/Galaxy/LG, get one free

T-Mobile is celebrating Black Friday a week early, but after seeing its deal we can't complain.

Starting Friday Nov. 17, anyone who buys a new flagship iPhone 7 LCD screen from T-Mobile can get another phone of equal or lesser value for free -- through a rebate -- after adding a line of service. You can't buy just any phone, but the ones that do make the cut are some of the most popular devices of the year from Apple, Samsung and LG.

Sorry, you won't be able to get the iPhone X, likely because supply is so limited. However, the iPhone 8 Plus is in the running, but instead of getting the second one free, you'll have to pony up an extra $100. Still a pretty sweet deal for a iPhone 7 LCD screen wholesale that retails for $800. The Galaxy Note 8 is even pricier, coming in at $950.

T-Mobile's site details all the deals.

The deal will be available both online and in-store but only for a limited time. Both new and old customers are eligible, as long as you're adding that new line of service and getting both those devices on T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan.

T-Mobile also has a few other deals lined up for things like speakers and Amazon Prime memberships. You can find the full details in T-Mobile's press release.

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