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How to change HTC U11 broken screen

HTC U11 disassemble/teardown

Tools need:

Heat gun


Pry tools

Screw driver

Step 1 Turn off the phone and take out the SIM Card Tray

It is necessary to turn off the phone and take out the SIM card tray before the disassembly started.

Step 2 Remove the Back Housing

Heating the smartphone with the heat gun will make it easier to remove the back housing with pry tools.

Heat the backhousing with hot gun 1

pry the backhousing with metal tool 2

Pry the back housing with a pry tool and slide it around the edge.

use metal tool work around the edge screen 3

the backhousing is totall seperate 4

Step 3 Remove Wireless Charging Coil

Undo 5 screws on the wireless charging coil with a screw driver then you can remove the wireless charging coil.

undo 5 screws on wireless charging 5

take part the wireless charging 6

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