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iPhone 6s vs iPhone SE Beyond Different Size?

Every now and then Apple does something which, for a company that is usually predictable like clockwork, is distinctly out of left field.

Things like launching the Apple Watch, the iPad Pro, and the way it has occasionally launched smaller, slightly cheaper iPhone models such as the iPhone 5c and iPhone SE.

In these cases, not only does Apple introduce some slightly peculiar product category, or an odd take on an existing product in its portfolio, but it often launches them at weird times of the year. For most of Apple's product line-up, September is the time to watch, but the oddballs seem to get scattered throughout the year like confetti.

In 2016, on March 21, Apple launched the iPhone SE. It wasn't entirely a surprise, as there had been rumours and leaks, but none of it had felt as concrete as what we associate with the Autumnal launches of its main products.

This Spring launch only saw a single device, but it was intended for a specific market segment and is very different from its stablemates.

And that section is quite a big chunk of the iPhone market, as it happens, with the company revealing that it sold a whopping 30 million 4-inch asus replacement parts inside 2015. So there is still a hard core of 4in devotees to tap into with a new model. The iPhone SE appeared to be a bid to persaude iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c users to upgrade.

The new iPhone SE joins the ranks of Apple’s bigger smartphones. Its contemporary sibling was the the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s. We now have the iPhone 7 as well, and this year these models will be usurped by the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8. The latter in particular is going to be a beast, it's the 10th anniversary model with an all new design, an OLED display, and tons of new features.

But, according to multiple reports, the iPhone SE won't see a new model launched this year. Fans of 4in phones are essentially stuck with either the iPhone 5c (which is quite long in the tooth at this point), or the iPhone SE from 2016.

Apple will release its brand new iPhone later on this year. Dubbed the iPhone 8 at the moment, the handset could also be called the iPhone Pro, once it is official, and it will also be joined by the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

These phones will be pricey – very pricey, indeed – with some reports suggesting the top of the line OLED iPhone 8 will retail for around £1200, which would make it the most expensive asus parts ever created (excluding Vertu ones, of course).

The iPhone 6s and iPhone SE will have their prices slashed, as is always the case when a new iPhone lands, and both are still excellent options for those looking at a cheaper way of getting in on some iPhone action in 2017.

The obvious difference between the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE are the screen sizes, but they do have a few other differences you should know about when deciding which to buy. Here’s how both compare.

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