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Google Pixel 2: What's the story so far?

With a new year on us, we're into the cycle where all the zte parts of the year get updated - Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei all launched new devices at Mobile World Congress or around it. Nokia also rejoined this list and HTC has revealed its latest.

Heading toward the end of 2017 we'll see the update to the iPhone 8and Google's new phone, which we'll call the Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2: What's the story so far?

Rumours have already suggested that the Pixel 2 codenames might beMuskie, Walleye and Taimen. We've seen Google using fish names in the past, so that's something worth keeping an eye on.

Design is the thing that has probably divided people the most when it comes to the Pixel. Although the body is a high quality design, the top glass section has drawn a lot of criticism. It makes the phone a little different, making it distinctive so it sits apart from the iPhone and all of Android's metal phones.

This seems to be an industry problem however, where many devices look the same because, ultimately, how many ways can you design a slab which is all display on the front? The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is perhaps the design success of 2016, being the most distinctive and unique device, but we suspect the curved display is going to become more common.

Prior to the launch of the Pixel, it was rumoured that HTC had signed up to manufacture multiple devices across the next 3 years, so they might be the hardware partner once again, and devices like the U Ultraor the HTC U11 flagship might be a hint at future Pixel design too. That said, there is also talk of LG having something to do with the 'Taimen" codenamed device, which is now thought to be the new Pixel XL.

We suspect there will be a move to reduce the bezels to increase the screen to body ratio to keep the zte replacement parts competitive, something LG knows how to do.

But the fundamental failing of the Pixel is the lack of waterproofing: with many competitors offering protection, for the price that Google is asking the Pixel 2 needs to step up with a solid IP rating. That's apparently something that was attempted for the Pixel, but eventually dropped, but there's an unconfirmed rumour that's been mentioned to 9to5Google, shared via Twitter.

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