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Google Will Release THREE Pixel Phones In 2017

It doesn't seem like that long ago, but the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are coming up rapidly on their first birthday, having launched in the latter part of 2016. They were somewhat divisive at the time of launch, though this was understandable given that in order for the Pixel to live, the much-loved Nexus brand had to die.

Personally, much as I knew I would miss my beloved Nexus series, I liked the new Pixel series straight away, and I even went as far as saying the Google Pixel XL was the best Android iphone parts wholesale released in 2016.

That was my opinion, of course, after living with the Pixel XL for a month and while many might not agree with me, a lot of people will because Google’s Pixel lineup of phones weren’t just great looking handsets, they were also solid performers.

The camera was brilliant, the battery life superb. I loved the software, pure Android, and I do actually regularly use Assistant for a variety of tasks on a day to day basis.

Google even sold a respectable number of Pixel phones too.

The downside to the Pixel phone was that it was very expensive; like, way more expensive than Google’s Nexus phones, though, on the surface, not all that different. I think Google could have done more with the way the handset looked and that would have made the price more bearable for some.

In 2017, there are reports of a trio of Pixel phones. That’s right: three Pixel phone parts wholesale , and this could mean one is priced aggressively (basically, around the $400 mark) in order to tap into the OnePlus-loving demographic. This is conjecture on my part, obviously, but the logic stacks up: retail two ultra-premium handsets for those that MUST HAVE THE BEST and a cheaper unit for those that want value for money.

Do this and everybody wins.

The big G has now confirmed that there WILL be a series of successor model Pixel handsets in 2017, as expected. Whether these handsets will be called the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 remains to be seen, after all, Google used to name its Nexus series primarily based on the display size (Nexus 5, for example) and would then put a year in brackets afterwards for repeated iterations of the same size device.

All of these naming conventions are somewhat clumsy, however, it would be great if Google could come up with a neater, tidier naming scheme for the Pixel series.

Reports have indicated will be THREE Pixel branded devices in 2017 and ALL of them will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor.

The word comes via Android Review, which reports that Android Open Source Project code was spotted which strongly implies this to be the case. Allegedly 'code commits' were picked up which not only show the Snapdragon 835 is involved, but also shows a new third codename.

Previously spotted codenames "Muskie" (Pixel 2017) and "Walleye" (Pixel XL 2017) have shown up again, but the third new codename to appear is "Taimen". Literally nothing is known about what kind of device the Taimen might be, but speculation is rife. Some suggestions include a new Nexus 6-sized phablet, bigger even than the Pixel XL, or a Pixel C tablet successor.

Taimen has now been spotted in Geekbench running Android O and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with a clock-speed of 1.9GHz and 4GB of RAM. Still no indication of what type of device it is though, or indeed, any other specs which might help make a clearer picture of things.

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