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iPhone 5c & iPhone 5 WILL NOT Get iOS 11 Update

Apple is very good at supporting hardware, even older hardware. It seldom cuts off support for a product without giving it a solid few year’s worth of updates.

But the release of iOS 11 will spell the end of the line for the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5, as well as any iPhone below these. Why? Simple: Apple’s iOS 11 platform will no longer support 32-bit apps; it’s moving to 100% 64-bit.

All iPhones cell phone screen replacement below the iPhone 5s run on 32-bit chipsets. And so too does the iPad 4th generation and below, and those iPads will be getting their marching orders as well. Still, they had a good run: almost four years isn’t bad, after all.

All of these Apple products will still function, of course, but you just won’t be able to update the software on them. This means you will miss out on vital new features and security patches.

Basically, when this happens it is time to upgrade.

I know, I know – iPhones are expensive. But have you considered going the reconditioned route? Picking up an approved used iPhone can save you around 50% off the price of a new phone and the handset will look as good as new.

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Ebay is definitely worth a look too, as it has tons of reconditioned options for iPhones, Samsung phones and everything else in between.

Or, if you’re feeling flush: the iPhone 8 cellphone replacement parts is just around the corner, so you could just wait for that and snag yourself one of the best handsets ever created?

It will cost you over $1000, however. Just an FYI.

If you’re keen on saving a ton of cash in 2017, I would definitely check out Gazelle. The savings are immensely impressive and the handsets always look as good as new, so no one will even know you bought reconditioned!

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