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Samsung Galaxy S8 tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are Samsung's most ambitious phones yet. While the switch to a 18.5:9 aspect display is likely to be the thing that draws you in, with its luscious infinity curves, there's a whole lot packed into the htc replacement parts that you might never find.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ offer the same experience, the only difference being the size of the display and battery. The user experience is the same and it's closely related to the Galaxy S7 running on Nougat, but with a number of expansions. For Samsung users that's useful, as it's easy to find your way around, but even as a seasoned user, there's likely to be things that you have never found.

Samsung Galaxy S8 tips and tricks: An expert's guide

Fear not, we've scraped through the Samsung Galaxy S8 in detail to get to the very core of this motorola parts and unlock its secrets. What follows is an experts guide to mastering your new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Samsung Galaxy S8 top tip: If you're struggling to find the settings you want, head into the settings menu and tap the magnifying glass at the top. Then you can type whatever you want and suggestions will appear. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of any menu and you'll find alternative suggestions for what you might be looking for.

Samsung Galaxy S8 home screen

Edit your home screen: A long press on the wallpaper on any screen lets you edit the wallpaper and themes, widgets, pages or further settings. This area will also let you add or delete complete screens, so if you want a widgets page, this is where you go.

Get more on your home screen: You can change the size of the screen grid on which your shortcuts and widgets sit, depending on how dense you want the home screen to be. Long press on the wallpaper and select "home screen settings". Select 4x5 to keep things fairly clear, or 4x6 of 5x5 to cram more in. We went with 5x5 on the S8+, as you might as well use that display.

Resize widgets: Many widgets are resizable. A long press selects them. When you lift your finger, you can drag the blue box that appears and resize your widget. You can even resize the Google search box.

Customise the navigation bar: With on-screen controls, the S8 will let you customise the appearance. Want back on the left rather than the right? Head into settings > display > navigation bar and you can change the the order of buttons and the background colour of the bar they sit on.

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