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Help you have a good battery life

With our smart phone's getting more and more capable, we use them to watch videos and movies, surf the web, browse social media, play games, read and reply to personal and work emails,you can even enjoy a completely different world and experience just through your mobile phone, however, apart from these, longer battery life is always what we want to pursue. So do you have any better idea of how to improve your battery life? Here we're going to share some practical techniques on how to extend your android's battery life!

1 Find out Apps that drain your battery badly

You can see which apps are using up your battery by going to the Battery section in the Settings menu. If you find that an app is causing an abnormal amount of battery drain, your best uninstall that particular app. These issues can often be fixed with a software update, so once an update for that app rolls out, you should be able to install it once again.


Another reason that causes battery drain is because of widgets, having a lot of them can result in a lot of battery life being used up. So, if there are any widgets that you don’t use often, it may be a good idea to remove it.


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