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How to Replace iPhone XS Taptic Engine & Loudspeaker?

The taptic engine and loudspeaker are the exchangeable parts of iPhone XS's. Here we would like to demonstrate you how to replace the iPhone XS taptic engine & loudspeaker, and we hope this could be a tutorial guide for you if you are trying to fix your iPhone XS at home. Let's get the new replacement parts and repair tools ready, and get started.

1. Tear down iPhone XS and take off the display screen

1.1 Power off the phone, take out the iPhone XS SIM card tray and loosen the two pentalobe screws on the bottom

1.2 Use hot air gun blowing the edge on the display, in 80℃ for about 2 minutes

1.3 Use the suction cup to make a gap between the display and the frame, then insert the ultra-thin plastic sheet to slice around the gap to separate the display screen from the phone

1.4 Pry and flip over the display screen carefully, loosen the four Y-type screws and a Phillips screw, remove the metal bracket with tweezers

1.5 Disconnect the battery flex cable first, then the touch flex cable and the display flex cable. Remove the display screen away after it is entirely disconnected

2. Replace the iPhone XS taptic engine and loudspeaker

2.1 Loosen the seven Phillips screws and the Y-type screw, then remove the small metal brackets which are for fixing the taptic engine modules carefully with tweezers

2.2 Disconnect the iPhone XS loudspeaker flex cable and then use spudger and tweezers to pry up and remove the loudspeaker. The taptic engine is connected under the loudspeaker, just be careful and don’t bring it up

2.3 Take down the taptic engine after the loudspeaker is removed

2.4 Place the new replacement iPhone XS taptic engine in the phone and connect the flex cable

2.5 Install the new loudspeaker into the phone and connect the flex cable

2.6 Place the small metal brackets back and fix them with the eight screws

3. Reinstall the iPhone XS display screen

3.1 Connect the flex cables back, includes the display flex cable, the touch flex cable and the battery flex cable for the last

3.2 Turn on the phone and test the function of the new replaced elements. Test the screen 3D touch to check the vibration response. Go to Settings >> Sounds & Haptics. Play ringtone and adjust the volume to see if the loudspeaker is normal

3.3 Disconnect the flex cables as the orders in Step 1.5 and remove the display screen, clear out the frame adhesive glue

3.4 Attach a new iPhone XS frame adhesive back to the phone

3.5 Connect and reinstall the display screen back, place the metal cover for fixing it with the five screws.

Remember, your iPhone XS would be not 100% waterproof after repaired. Be patient and careful if you are the first time to repair your iPhone. Any questions will be answered as long as you leave your comments below, or you can email us if you have any questions about the iPhone XS replacement parts in the process above.


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