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10 Tips You Might Not Know About iPhone XS/XS Max

Your iPhone XS or XS Max has more powerful functions than you know as long as you keep discovering. Since Apple upgrade the operating system to iOS 12, iPhone XS and XS Max are faster on application response. Maybe you think yourself of an iPhone master who knows everything about iPhone using tips, but there are some special tips you skip and which will be simple and useful to you. Here we discover 10 tips about iPhone XS and XS Max and we hope these could be helpful to you.

​1. How to quick unlock Face ID: Settings >> Face ID & Passcode >> enter passcode >> turn off “require attention for Face ID” >> tap ok when the little warning pop up
​2. Swiping back to quickly delete wrong digits in calculator
​3. Tell Siri to generate random passcode for you
​4. Half pull the Wi-Fi network list for manual refresh
​5. Check your battery usage in the monitor
​6. Add cellular in cellular plan
​7. High-level compass in measure application
​8. Search lyrics in Music App
​9. Website icons tweak in Safari
​10. Tell Siri to show all your passwords

​These are the 10 tips we would like to share here. Hopefully, you would learn much from these tips and make iPhone XS/XS Max a good tool in your daily life. Besides, if you are really a big fan of Apple products, you may also learn some maintenance knowledge. Here we suggest you take a view on some iPhone XS/XS Max replacement parts in our store like iPhone XS LCD screen and digitizer assembly replacement. You may also contact us if you have questions on iPhone repair or iPhone internal parts.

10 iPhone XS/XS Max tricks and tips

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