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16 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Pages on iPad

The Apple iPad supports external keyboard connection for typing. If you get accustomed to the iPad and physical keyboard, you will have to know some keyboard shortcuts so that you could make your work efficient and quick. Here we make a brief on 16 useful keyboard shortcuts, and we hope these tricks would be useful to your further work.

Here are 16 Pages Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad:

Create New Document – Command N

Open Document / Go to Documents – Command O

Find – Command F

Show / Hide Word Count – Shift Command W

Show / Hide Ruler – Command R

Add Comment – Shift Command K

Increase/decrease font size – Command +/–

Bold – Command B

Italic – Command I

Underline – Command U

Copy Style – Option Command C

Copy – Command C

Paste – Command V

Cut – Command X

Navigate Document – Arrow Keys

Close Pages and return to Home Screen – Command H

Most of the keyboard shortcuts shown above are identical on the Mac, so if you use Pages on iPad and Mac you’ll find them quite applicable. No matter you are using keyboard case, Bluetooth keyboard, or other external keyboards for connection, these shortcuts will be helpful to your work. On the other hand, we suggest you learn some iPad maintenance knowledge, iPad repair and iPad replacement parts as well. If you have any other tips and tricks about iPad, please leave your commands below. We are glad to talk about it with you.

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