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Tips on Saving Your Apple Watch Battery Life

Our Apple Watch battery life is not as powerful as we expected. You have to use a sleep tracking app or keep it charging overnight, otherwise, you will struggle to find times to charge your watch so that it keeps in a good power level. Here we bring up our suggestions on how to save your Apple Watch battery life so that you can sleep all night without having to recharge your Watch often.

1. Making habit of charging your Watch in your spare time

2. Enable Theater Mode before going to bed

3. Turn off Raise to Speak

4. Stop background apps from refreshing

These tips are mainly about how to save your Apple Watch battery life when you sleep at night. Although it is not the way to keep your watch fully powered, you will see your Apple watch battery power at a high power level if you try these tips. Besides, we recommend you to learn something about Apple watch maintenance, and Apple watch replacement parts as well. Anything about Apple watch repair, please leave your comments or contact us on our Etrade Supply online store. We are glad to help.

how to save Apple Watch battery life

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