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iPhone 7 and seven plus home button repair solution

It is not a good news for DIY repairers or generally common repair shops that will i phone 7 and several plus home button repair solution is not available with them. Back in 2013 when the iphone 5s was released with feel id and on afterwards types of i phone upto 6s when the home button is usually damaged you can still replace the home button only the touch identity will not work nevertheless taking back to menus or home still performs normally. But on i phone 7 and 7 as well as if original home button is damaged or will go unresponsive during lcd substitute it will not work at all. That means simply no touch id or no click or going again to previous menu. Typically the apple iphone repair shops specialists those were utilized to change home button just cutting in new one are out of this fix now. The reason at the rear of apple iphone 7 and several plus home button not really replaceable with a different one because it has a software program lock where the U10 ic around the home switch itself which communicate to processor or apple server. Read some question in addition to answers right here

why i phone 7 and 7 as well as home button does not necessarily work after screen replacement?

So far we have got find two sorts or problems on apple iphone 7 residence button stops working following screen replacement. Number a single is the damage within the bent part of typically the cable by connectors. Notice in the below photo

This damages the ranges from i phone 7 residence button to the connectors and it stops operating. this can be repaired at out there workshop AppleFix hamilton in 85/a victoria street. These kinds of broken lines to fixes need micro soldering expertise. see below picture repair on same sort of destruction.

Second type of fix which we have done efficiently is replacing U10 ic on the home key assembly. The way back again communication to the processor chip or logic board coming from apple iphone 7 and seven plus home button is managed by u10 ic which is mounted on typically the home button assembly. This specific ic is not simple to replace as it is mounted on to the flex cable not on hard pcb. To get rid of u10 ic from home button we utilize a specific tool see below photo.

Because i phone 7 in addition home button u10 ic is mounted on flex cable this tools are suffering from to heat the iphone 7 home button cable sitting on the mould after which we can warmth it from underneath together with solder weapon

Once right temperature is reached removing u10 ic from i phone 7 home button is pretty delicate. But using proper tools and skills ic can be removed efficiently.

This is definitely not a DIY repair. You want proper tools and specialist skills. A high level00 repair shop or individual and searching with regard to i phone 7 or several plus home button restoration solution you can postal mail your device

Why the apple company has decided to reduce the iphone 7 or even 7 plus button substitute by independent repair go shopping? and made it application manipulated is most most likely make the repair tougher for independent repair store but we this inreturn they make it more difficult for their own customer in order to avoid iphones if the repair is difficult or perhaps can only be carried out by.

iPhone 7 home button not working after screen replacement


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