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Samsung Galaxy S9 Face Scanner & Iris Scanner

We've seen earlier reports that Samsung is going to "do an Apple" with the Galaxy S9 samsung galaxy s7 battery replacement by equipping it with a face scanner module and now a new report is reiterating this idea. In addition, it's claimed Samsung will enhance it iris scanner tech for the new flagship as well.

The report from Korean publication ETNews claims Samsung is planning to offer enhanced iris and face scanner modules which will be quicker thanks to software improvements. The front-facing camera sensor will allegedly be an 8MP module identical to the Galaxy S8 series hardware. An unnamed source is cited, saying "there may be new add-ons through software applications."

However, it looks as though compared to Apple's note 5 battery replacement - which is a full 3D scanner - this will be fairly basic still. Samsung already has face scanning aboard the Galaxy S8 series and it can be fooled by using high-res 2D photographs; this won't work on the iPhone X.

With the earlier reports of Samsung adding a face scanner to the Galaxy S9 there was some speculation it might be implementing a full 3D scanner, but this new report shows this is not the case. Samsung is simply speeding up the process for its existing hardware.

Having said this, the iris scanner is thought by some security experts to be the most secure biometric authentication method available, better than even 3D face scanners and fingerprint scanners. It is much slower though, but Samsung is aiming to improve this.


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