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Advice on Protecting Yourself from the Harmful New Virus

Health and medical care are always in the first place of our life. We are all concerned about the health of ourselves and our families’. The spread of the new virus called “coronavirus” took so many lives and every one of us is worried. The government has taken measures to ensure our people with enough medical supplies. Still, there is advice we need to take so that we can protect ourselves from harmful virus infection. Let’s check these below.

1. Stay at home, wear a surgical mask if necessary to go out

We are claimed to be isolated but we are not grounded. We have to stay at home for our health and our family’s health sake. This is the first order we need to take to stop the virus from spreading. Wearing a mask, better surgical mask. Sometimes we have to meet strangers or go to the supermarket for shopping. Don’t forget to wear a mask. Normal surgical mask, N95 mask or KN95 mask, whatsoever.

2. Wash hands with anti-virus soap after coming back

The new virus can spread from people to people by touching. Wash your hands as often as possible so that it could largely reduce the infection rate. Use antivirus handwashing soap so that it would kill more than 99% virus and harmful germs on your hands. The ethanolic is better for killing the virus. Besides, choose the no washing hand sanitizer is a good idea because it is convenient and useful.

3. Keep the house and room ventilate, don’t go to crowded places

We all learned that the Chinese government orders to their people to stop gathering, that’s why they successfully controlled the virus spreads afterward. We should do as they do to keep ourselves from harmful viruses. Don’t gather and don’t crowd in public places. Keep the ventilating of the house and bedroom. Indoor exercises instead of outdoors are a good choice.

4. Take body temperature measurement every day, go to hospital immediately if you have a fever

This is very important to us because once you were detected to be infected, you will need to be separated in the hospital for treatment. The new virus-infected patient is on fever on the first phrase, cough and hard breathing. Take body temperature measurement could detect the potential infection and take the treatment for the first time. That’s why we suggest our friends get an infrared thermometer or digital thermometer at home.

These are the tips and our advice in the special period for our health sake. We are sure our war to the new virus will be terminated as long as we make our efforts on it. Besides, we can learn some medical care knowledge to keep ourselves healthy. You may also visit our store for our new arrival medical products such as surgical mask, digital thermometer and antivirus coat. Contact us if you need these supplies.
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Differences of N95 Surgical Mask to Normal Mask

The new virus called “coronavirus” has been spread to the world. Wearing a mask is not only for protection for ourselves but also for good actions to society. We all know that the N95 surgical mask is better than a normal surgical mask but we may not know the specifics of the reason. Here we would like to share with you two aspects of the reason, and advice on the right ways to wear a surgical mask as well.

1. N95 Surgical is thicker than normal surgical mask

The normal surgical mask consists of a waterproof layer, a layer cotton Yarns, and a filter layer. This thin and one-off mask is mostly used in hospitals or clinics. The N95 surgical mask is consists of 4 or more layers. There is one more electrostatic Meltblown layer in the N95 surgical mask. It is thicker than the normal surgical mask and better for your healthy breath protection outdoors.

2. N95 Surgical is more effective to filter dust, smog, and virus

The normal surgical mask is thin and can only filter around 70% harmful particles and virus in the air. N95 surgical mask is more effective to filter about 95% harmful particles and virus in the air, such as the dust, smog, droplet in the air. Since the new virus spread so quickly this time, we recommend you choose the N95 surgical mask for your healthy breath's sake.

3. Right ways of wearing a surgical mask

Before you open the pack and wear a new mask, you have to check if any scratch or tear on the new mask. Don’t use it if there is any damage, spot or dirt on it. Unfold the mask and put it against your face closely, with the cotton Yarns surface inside. Put the flexible string on your ears and adjust the mask to a comfortable position. Slightly tighten the small metal bar on your nose, make sure the mask is fully covered.

As the final advice, wearing a mask outdoors is a good way to cut off the new virus spread. Choose the N95 respirator mask is a better and effective way. Wash your hands with disinfectant screams and ventilate the room indoors. Don’t go to the crowd public place because it is not safe. We will say farewell to the new virus if everyone takes our advice.


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How to Solve iPhone XS Screen Unresponsive Problem

There are reasons your iPhone Xs screen not responding. It can be the pressure of the incompatible case or screen protector, or the malicious software or Apps affection, or some other reasons. Here we share with your 3 useful ways to troubleshoot the problems of iPhone screen unresponsiveness. We suggest you check your iPhone before take the right solution to fix it.

1. Hard restart the iPhone
When your iPhone screen is power off and cannot turn it on. Hard restart the phone could be a quick way to troubleshoot this issue. Press on the volume up and down button one by one quickly, the press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Release all the buttons and wait because your phone is rebooting. You may repeat the procedure if the Apple logo did not appear on the screen, on the other hand, your need to make sure enough battery power loaded in your phone. Same steps you may refer to our article of 4 Ways to Restart the iPhone Device .

2. Charge the phone to power the battery

When your iPhone battery power is lower than 5%, the phone will switch to lower power mode automatically. This happens when you left your phone in the drawer and do not use it for a long time. The iPhone Xs battery power is running out which causes the screen does not respond. You need to charge the phone to power the battery 30 minutes, and then check the phone if it is normal on charging. Turn on the phone to check the screen functions if it is ok.

3. Restore your iPhone to Mac or PC on iTunes

Your iPhone could be affected by some malicious software or Apps installation. You need to erase the original data and restore the system. Take the steps here:

>>USB connect your iPhone to Mac or computer to recognize it to iTunes

>> Find your iPhone on iTunes, click and view your iPhone data

>> Find the Summary tab from the left side panel

>> Tap on Summary and find “Check Update” and “Restore iPhone”
Before you take steps to restore your iPhone, you need to backup your important data. On the same screen, you may find the backups section and click on it to backup files at the same time.

All in conclusion, the 3 solutions above are useful for iPhone screen not response issues. We suggest you try the steps above before you go to the mobile phone repair shop. Besides, you may check your iPhone Xs touch screen in the repair center if the solutions above are not working. You may also visit our online shop for iPhone Xs LCD screen and digitizer replacement if you have interested. Any questions about iPhone repair or iPhone parts, please contact us on email. We are glad for help.

how to solve iPhone Xs screen issue

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3 Steps on How to Replace iPhone 11 Pro Speaker

The iPhone 11 Pro speaker is a replaceable part of the device. If there are problems with the speaker, you may have it replaced in the repair shop. On the other hand, you may also fix it yourself at home if you are familiar with iPhone 11 Pro teardown and reassembly. Here we would like to show you how to replace this part in three steps as follow.

1. Teardown iPhone 11 Pro display screen

First of all, we need to get a new speaker and the repair tools ready. Power off the device and loosen the two pentalobe screws on the bottom. Hot air gun blowing on the edge of the screen for easy separation. Use a suction cup and hard plastic plectrum to separate the iPhone 11 display screen. Pry and flip the display aside, loosen the two Y-type screws and remove the small metal panel as well, then the six Y-type screws and the penal. We need to disconnect the display screen flex cables and the battery cable so that we could separate the display screen from the phone. After that, we would move to the next step.

2. Replace iPhone 11 Pro Speaker

The speaker is on the bottom part of the iPhone. Firstly, we need to loosen the four Y-type screws and remove the metal panel. Disconnect the speaker flex cables and another battery cable. Loosen the three screws for fixing the speaker, for two Phillips screws and one Sandoff screw. Use hot air gun to blow the speaker on 80 ℃ for easy removable, then we can take down the speaker with tweezers. Install the new speaker on the phone and adjust it to the right position. Tighten the three screws back. Connect the flex cables and cover the pane back. Tighten the four screws for fixing the penal.

3. Reassemble iPhone 11 Pro display screen

After the new speaker’s installation is completed, here we need to reassemble the iPhone. First, we need to test the new speaker’s function. Connect the display screen flex cables and the battery cable. Turn on the phone and open the applications to test the speaker. If all the functions are normal, turn off the phone and disconnect the flex cables again. We need to paste the frame adhesive tape on the phone, then we shall connect the flex cables. Place the metal panels and tighten the Y-type screws back for fixing the flex cables. Lastly, we may reassemble the display screen, make sure no gap left on the frame and each corner.

The whole procedure may be a little complicated, we suggest you go to the repair shop if you are not familiar with iPhone repair. Besides, we offer all replacement parts for iPhone 11 models for sale. Just visit our shop on www.etradesupply.com or email to us if you have interests in our iPhone 11 Pro parts. You may leave your comments if have questions about our iPhone 11 repair process above.


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Why AMOLED Display Screen is better than LCD screen

When you go to the flagship store and purchase a smartphone, the first thing you may consider is the display screen. We all like the smartphone with a large display screen of high quality and vivid image videos displaying. Most of the mobile phones today are manufactured with AMOLED screen, OLED or LCD screen. The LCD screen is cheaper, but the AMOLED screen tends to be better than other display screens. Here we bring up 3 reasons on how come the AMOLED screen is better than LCD screen on the description below.

1. AMOLED screen has better clarity and visual effect

The AMOLED screen displays crisp pictures with more beautiful images than the LCD screen. It is manufactured under high technology for which everything shows on the screen would be looked more vibrant and very beautiful. The color accuracy and color reproduction are better than the LCD display screen. As we can see that most Samsung models have great image displaying because of the AMOLED screen. That’s the reason why Apple authorized the mobile screen manufacture from Samsung.

2. The AMOLED screen is light, foldable and flexible

AMOLED screen consists of four layers, a window layer, a pol layer, an Encap layer, and a backplane layer. That’s why AMOLED screen phones are slimmer than other iPhone 7 LCD screen smartphones. Besides, the AMOLED screen is light and flexible. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung foldable are good examples for demonstration. The LCD screen also consisted of a window layer and pol layer, but it also has more layers like a TFT layer, backlight layers. The LCD screen smartphones tend to be thick and heavy, that’s the reason why users like AMOLED smartphones better than LCD screen phones.

3. AMOLED display screen is low energy consumption

This is the most important reason why the AMOLED screen is better than the LCD display screen. The AMOLED screen smartphones consume much less power than LCD smartphones. You may imagine that when you are using your phone for listening to music, playing games or watching videos in a day, the phone with AMOLED screen lasting for as long power duration as you like would be your preference.

So you can see why the smartphones with AMOLED screen is better than the one with LCD screen based on the three reasons above. With mobile technology development, the smartphone screen is more powerful in functions than ever before. Although the iPhone LCD screen is not better than the AMOLED Samsung screen, it is still considered to choose an iPhone X LCD screen for replacement. All in all, AMOLED is rich color displaying, slim and light, less battery power advanced to the LCD screen.


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3 Steps on How to Replace OnePlus 6 Rear Camera Lens Cover

The OnePlus 6 camera lens cover is easy to be scratched and broken. When this happened unfortunately to your phone, we suggest you replace it. It is not good to replace the camera lens cover directly on the back cover because it will leave fragment or fingerprint on the camera. Here we would like to demonstrate how to tear down the battery door and replace the camera lens cover in steps. Let’s check this below.

Step 1: Tear down the battery door

First of all, we should always remember to power off the phone and take out the SIM card slot. Use a hot air gun to blow the battery door on around the edge on 80 ℃ for 1-2 minutes for easy teardown, then use a suction cup and hard plastic plectrum to slice and separate the battery door. Flip over the battery door after it is entirely separated. Loosen the 10 Phillips screws and take off the bracket, then we may disconnect the fingerprint scanner sensor.

Step 2: Take off the Camera lens and replace the lens cover

After the OnePlus battery door is totally separated, we can move to the next step on camera lens cover replacement. Firstly, we use a hot air gun to blow the camera lens with 80℃ for 1 minute. After the glue is melted, use a spudger to push the camera lens cover out. Next, we use an ultra-thin plastic sheet to slice and separate the OnePlus 6 rear camera lens cover from the battery door. After the camera lens cover is removed, we have to clear out the glue on the battery cover. Glum the camera lens with B-7000 glue and place the new camera lens cover on it. Push it slightly and adjust the position.

Step 3: Reassemble the battery door

After the new camera lens cover is installed, we have to test the clarity of the new glass cover. Attach the battery door on the phone and turn on the phone. Turn on the camera and check the image on the screen. Make sure no dust, dirt or fingerprint on the camera. Then take off the battery cover, attach a new frame cover adhesive on the battery door. Connect the fingerprint scanner sensor flex cable and cover back the bracket. Fasten the 10 Phillips screws. The Last step, assemble the OnePlus 6 battery door and insert the SIM card tray. All process is done.

The whole process is simple as long as you are careful. Don’t take off the camera lens cover from the battery door directly because it will break the glass cover and leave fragments on the camera. If you are not confident about yourself, we suggest you go to the repair shop. Besides, you may also check the OnePlus 6 parts like OnePlus 6 LCD screen and digitizer assembly in our store. Leave your message to us if you have interests. Etrade Supply is here to help you.


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How to Choose A screen Protector for Your Phone?

A good screen protector could be a shield for your mobile device’s screen protection. Much more than this, some new screen types could upgrade your screen image tone and make your phone in a good look. Since there are all kinds of mobile phone screen protectors in the market, choose a suitable one for your phone is important. Here we discuss how to choose a screen for your smartphone, we hope this would be helpful to you if you are going to applying one on your phone.

Here we come up with four screen types based on different raw materials. The first type is PET plastic. Screen protectors made of PET plastic is light and thin, and also cheap. The transparency of this screen protector is good, but the flexibility is bad. It cannot go edge-to-edge on phones with a curved screen. The second type is TPU plastic. The TPU plastic material is flexible, waterproof, oil resistance and antibacterial. This screen protector faces many issues when it first comes to the market, such as hard installation, unsmooth, "orange peel" type glare to your phone's screen. With the technology upgraded, these issues were gone. TPU screen protector is welcomed by users now. The tempered glass screen protector is the one we used most, we can take the iPhone 11 tempered glass screen protector as an example. Since the tempered glass screen protector is hard and strong with better transparency, it is a hot sell type in the market. The last type we have to mention is the Nanometer multi-layered screen protector. This is a new kind of screen protector which is manufactured under high technology and Nanometer thickness material. Each layer of the screen protector functions differently, for which the screen protector could be anti-spy, anti-glare on the surface or smudge resistance. Such kind of screen protector is quite expensive on the market.

Since we have mentioned the four most usual screen protector above, it is suggestible to check the suitable wholesale mobile phone screen protector online. We have to understand what purpose we need to apply a screen protector on our phone screen. Besides, we have to know our smartphone brand and the model number so that we can search for a suitable one. You may also go to our Etrade Supply online store for our new coming iPhone tempered glass screen protector if you have interests.

how to choose a screen protector for your phone  

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How to Replace iPhone XS Taptic Engine & Loudspeaker?

The taptic engine and loudspeaker are the exchangeable parts of iPhone XS's. Here we would like to demonstrate you how to replace the iPhone XS taptic engine & loudspeaker, and we hope this could be a tutorial guide for you if you are trying to fix your iPhone XS at home. Let's get the new replacement parts and repair tools ready, and get started.

1. Tear down iPhone XS and take off the display screen

1.1 Power off the phone, take out the iPhone XS SIM card tray and loosen the two pentalobe screws on the bottom

1.2 Use hot air gun blowing the edge on the display, in 80℃ for about 2 minutes

1.3 Use the suction cup to make a gap between the display and the frame, then insert the ultra-thin plastic sheet to slice around the gap to separate the display screen from the phone

1.4 Pry and flip over the display screen carefully, loosen the four Y-type screws and a Phillips screw, remove the metal bracket with tweezers

1.5 Disconnect the battery flex cable first, then the touch flex cable and the display flex cable. Remove the display screen away after it is entirely disconnected

2. Replace the iPhone XS taptic engine and loudspeaker

2.1 Loosen the seven Phillips screws and the Y-type screw, then remove the small metal brackets which are for fixing the taptic engine modules carefully with tweezers

2.2 Disconnect the iPhone XS loudspeaker flex cable and then use spudger and tweezers to pry up and remove the loudspeaker. The taptic engine is connected under the loudspeaker, just be careful and don’t bring it up

2.3 Take down the taptic engine after the loudspeaker is removed

2.4 Place the new replacement iPhone XS taptic engine in the phone and connect the flex cable

2.5 Install the new loudspeaker into the phone and connect the flex cable

2.6 Place the small metal brackets back and fix them with the eight screws

3. Reinstall the iPhone XS display screen

3.1 Connect the flex cables back, includes the display flex cable, the touch flex cable and the battery flex cable for the last

3.2 Turn on the phone and test the function of the new replaced elements. Test the screen 3D touch to check the vibration response. Go to Settings >> Sounds & Haptics. Play ringtone and adjust the volume to see if the loudspeaker is normal

3.3 Disconnect the flex cables as the orders in Step 1.5 and remove the display screen, clear out the frame adhesive glue

3.4 Attach a new iPhone XS frame adhesive back to the phone

3.5 Connect and reinstall the display screen back, place the metal cover for fixing it with the five screws.

Remember, your iPhone XS would be not 100% waterproof after repaired. Be patient and careful if you are the first time to repair your iPhone. Any questions will be answered as long as you leave your comments below, or you can email us if you have any questions about the iPhone XS replacement parts in the process above.


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Apple AirPods 2 VS AirPods Pro - Which One Will You Choose?

Apple Airpods series are the hottest wireless Bluetooth earphones in the mobile market these days. As the newest AirPods model, the AirPods Pro is quite different from the AirPods 2 on both the external look and the internal functions. Some people choose AirPods 2 over AirPod Pro because it is cheaper on the price. Here we would like to discuss these two earbuds style in three aspects, we hope our comparison could be helpful to you if you are hesitated on choosing earbuds online.

1. Exterior differences

The AirPods Pro has silica tips on the earbuds, this makes the comfort to our ears on wearing. Besides, Apple provides us two more extra ear-tips together in the box in different sizes. We can insert our suitable size ear-tips on the earbuds when doing sports without worries. The AirPods 2 is a bit longer than AirPods Pro on the exterior, besides, the earbuds mesh are easy to be accumulated with dirt and wax after a time using, which makes it dirty and disgusting. Periodical cleanness to the AirPods 2 is quite necessary. Kindly suggested, wearing earbuds tips covers would be good for your AirPods 2.

2. Unique Functions

AirPods Pro features of water-resistant, so you can wear it for doing sports like running, playing balls, doing fitness, etc. You don’t need to worry about sweat penetration to damage your earphones. As to AirPods 2, it is not recommendable to wear it for high-intensity exercises. One the other hand, the AirPods Pro has the function of noise cancellation control via the iPhone setting. You can enjoy your favorite music in the crowded street or even the shopping mall without disturbance. Besides, you can also change the Siri media control on the iPhone. It’s quite convenient and intelligent.

3. Battery Life

The last thing we focus on these earbuds most is battery life. Since both of these two wireless earpieces have the wireless charging function, here we make a comparison on the battery lasting time of listening time and talk time. AirPods Pro is about 4.5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of talk time with a single charge. With the wireless charging case, it can be more than 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time. It depends on how you use the AirPods, for example, if your volume up the earpiece for listing, the battery will be running out quickly. Although the AirPods Pro’s battery capacity is not as good as AirPods 2 with wireless charging case, we are cool with it because it can be 24 hours for listening when with wireless charger.

All in all, the AirPods Pro would be your best choice if you insist on the importance of earpiece audio quality, or if you like listening to music with earbuds without surrounded noise annoying. You may also choose AirPods 2 if you simply use a wireless Bluetooth earpiece for answering phone calls and don’t care too much about audio quality. The official selling price of AirPods Pro is much higher than AirPods 2, you may also check the cheap wholesale price Airpods Pro in our online store. Any opinion about the comparison above? Please leave your comments so that we can discuss.


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How to Clean and Maintain Your Earpieces

Your earpieces are an important accessory of your mobile phone. You need to clean it from time to time for the device audio quality and your ear health sake. Here we would like to share some tips about how to clean and maintain your earpiece with you. We hope our tips would be helpful and make your earpiece better working for you.

1. Use cloth and alcohol or soapy water

Get a piece of clean cloth, cotton or fiber are ok, then a glass of warm soapy water. Dip the cloth with soapy water to wipe the earpiece cover. If your earpieces are Apple series earpiece, mesh on the cover will be accumulated with gunk and dirty after a long time using without cleaning. Remember do not immerse the earbuds into the water for washing, because it will damage the internal elements and cause it broken. Don’t try to tear down the earpiece.

2. Use cotton swab and alcohol

As to some ear-in canal earpiece, we can use a cotton swab dipped with alcohol for cleaning. Dirt, filth, and dust in the earpiece mesh are hard to cleanout. We can use a wet cotton swab to wipe them away. Using alcohol for sterilization is a good choice here. One thing we have to notice is that we should be careful and don’t let the alcohol penetrate and damage the internal parts.

3. Use toothbrush and soapy water

If dirt and filth are really hard to clean, we may use a toothbrush for wiping. Use the soft fiber bristles toothbrush to wipe the dirt and dust away from the earpiece mesh. If the accumulated dirt and filth are blocked, dip the brush with soapy water for wiping. After the dirt is wiped away, use cloth for cleaning.

These are earpiece cleaning tips we would like to share with you. As the final suggestion, cleaning your earpiece and sealing it in the polyethylene pocket or plastic case is good for your earpiece’s maintenance. If you are tired of cleaning, wearing them with ear tips would be a good idea. Any good ideas about earpiece cleanness and maintenance? Leave your comments below, we appreciate your sharing.

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