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10 Amazing Features About Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ arrive in August this year. The silvery-white shell with rainbow reflection makes this smartphone model a great look. Just as the early leaks about this new Samsung model, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be the significance of Samsung mobile technology progress. What will this mobile phone really like? Will it be the best choice for us in 2019 smartphones? Let’s make a brief on the 10 features about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus.

1. Uni-body S Pen: a magic wand for gesture remote control to screen

2. Live-focusing in video recording: make your video recording in layers

3. Zoom-in Mic: amplify audio you target in your video recording

4. Super-fast charging speed

5. New Dex Mode: make your PC and mobile device connection more convenient

6. UFS 3.0 fast storage: make you data transferring and loading super-fast

7. Wireless power share

8. World’s first EUV processor: superior chipset technology to Snapdragon 855 and Apple’s A12

9. Dural speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound: make your mobile a surround sound stereo

10. Insane specifications: 8G RAM and 258 storage, 4300 mAh battery, support MicroSD card expand

Do you have your answers to the questions at first we bring up after you see the 10 features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10? We hope these 10 aspects would be your reference when you decide to get this new Samsung model in the flagship store. Besides, we recommend you to learn something about Samsung mobile repair and Samsung Galaxy parts like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 replacement parts in our website. Anything about mobile phone repair will be found here.

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16 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Pages on iPad

The Apple iPad supports external keyboard connection for typing. If you get accustomed to the iPad and physical keyboard, you will have to know some keyboard shortcuts so that you could make your work efficient and quick. Here we make a brief on 16 useful keyboard shortcuts, and we hope these tricks would be useful to your further work.

Here are 16 Pages Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad:

Create New Document – Command N

Open Document / Go to Documents – Command O

Find – Command F

Show / Hide Word Count – Shift Command W

Show / Hide Ruler – Command R

Add Comment – Shift Command K

Increase/decrease font size – Command +/–

Bold – Command B

Italic – Command I

Underline – Command U

Copy Style – Option Command C

Copy – Command C

Paste – Command V

Cut – Command X

Navigate Document – Arrow Keys

Close Pages and return to Home Screen – Command H

Most of the keyboard shortcuts shown above are identical on the Mac, so if you use Pages on iPad and Mac you’ll find them quite applicable. No matter you are using keyboard case, Bluetooth keyboard, or other external keyboards for connection, these shortcuts will be helpful to your work. On the other hand, we suggest you learn some iPad maintenance knowledge, iPad repair and iPad replacement parts as well. If you have any other tips and tricks about iPad, please leave your commands below. We are glad to talk about it with you.

iPad keyboard shortcut  

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Tips on Saving Your Apple Watch Battery Life

Our Apple Watch battery life is not as powerful as we expected. You have to use a sleep tracking app or keep it charging overnight, otherwise, you will struggle to find times to charge your watch so that it keeps in a good power level. Here we bring up our suggestions on how to save your Apple Watch battery life so that you can sleep all night without having to recharge your Watch often.

1. Making habit of charging your Watch in your spare time

2. Enable Theater Mode before going to bed

3. Turn off Raise to Speak

4. Stop background apps from refreshing

These tips are mainly about how to save your Apple Watch battery life when you sleep at night. Although it is not the way to keep your watch fully powered, you will see your Apple watch battery power at a high power level if you try these tips. Besides, we recommend you to learn something about Apple watch maintenance, and Apple watch replacement parts as well. Anything about Apple watch repair, please leave your comments or contact us on our Etrade Supply online store. We are glad to help.

how to save Apple Watch battery life

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What You Should Do When You Get You New Purchase iPhone XR

There might be some aspects you may not know when you first get your new purchase iPhone XR. You need to do something such as to get familiar with the iOS 12 gesture controls, get to know the application install and so on. Here we conclude 12 things you need to do if you get a new purchase iPhone XR. We hope these could be helpful for iPhone fresh users. Let's check this out.

1. Believe your iPhone XR screen is not as bad as people see it​
​2. Get familiar gesture controls on your new iPhone XR
3. Setup your face ID​
​4. Adjust your display settings
​5. Disabled the unnecessary settings for battery life sake
​6. Customize the control center
​7. Setup you most suitable format on Setting
​8. Create your emoji
​9. Install your applications and customize your home screen
​10. Get familiar with the screen time and battery charts inside of settings
​11. Consider purchase iCloud storage
​12. Purchase a phone case and screen protector

​Maybe most of us will skip some of these tips, but we still hope you could follow all the 12 aspects above. Besides, you will need to know something about iPhone XR maintenance after a time. As our recommendation, you can check some iPhone XR replacement parts on our online store. Your iPhone XR is far more interesting than you ever knew as long as you keep digging.

iPhone XR control center

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How to Solve iPhone 8/8 Plus Bluetooth Connecting Problem

Sometimes your iPhone 8 Bluetooth failed on connection without reasons. This makes your inconvenience on using the Bluetooth earphone using or Bluetooth audio speakers. Here we bring up three ways on this problem, handy and easy. Hope this could be helpful when you face the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus Bluetooth connection issue.

1. Forget the device then connect again: Go Settings > Bluetooth > tap of “i” and find out the device you have connection issue > click on Forget this Device. Wait for 10 seconds then reconnect the device to check if it is connected well.

2. The first way is useful for most times, if it doesn’t work for you, try going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Now you can reconnect the device again.

3. Factory reset your device. Go Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This operation will clear all the settings before including the Wifi password.

​These solutions are effective under the precondition of your mobile device is good without damaged. If your iPhone 8 is broken which cause the Bluetooth issue, we suggest you go to the repair shop. Besides, you may need to know some iPhone 8 replacement parts and market prices as well. Etrade Supply has high-quality iPhone parts for wholesale, please go to our online store or contact us if you need to replace your iPhone parts.


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8 Highlights You Should Not Miss About Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung released Samsung Galaxy A80 to the global market in July this year. This new smartphone is special for its triple pop-up rotating camera and infinity display screen. What will it be different to us? Here we make a brief about 8 features about Samsung Galaxy A80. Hope these could be the reasons you choose this Samsung phone model.

1. 6.7” Super AMOLED display screen, 1080p*2400P HD+,​ large size infinity display
2. Triple rotating cameras - ​48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera, and one 12MP TOF 3D camera​​
3. Snapdragon 730 chipset, 8G RAM
4. Sound on Screen
5. 3700 mAh battery, 25 watt super-fast Type C USB charging
6. In-screen fingerprint scanner
7. NFC Feature, Samsung Pay
8. Multi-functional Bixby

These are the 8 aspects of Samsung Galaxy A80 we would like to bring up to you. Does any of these highlights attract you and would be the reason you go to the Samsung flagship store? We all expect more excitements Samsung will bring us. Since there we all like Samsung smartphone, there are reasons we would get to know some Samsung replacement parts, such as Samsung Galaxy S10 display screen replacement. Since the Samsung Galaxy A90 is coming for us at the end of this year, reviews about the newest Samsung model will be coming in days. Let's wait for it.

Samsung Galaxy A80

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4 Ways to Fix iPhone X Side-button Problems

Sometimes your iPhone X side button is not working, or delay responding which requires your pressing one more times. This always makes our frustration on our phone use. The reason could be the improper way we are using the phone or the internal system update. Here we include 4 ways on how to fix the iPhone X side button not working or delay responding problems.

1. Try to remove or replace the protective case from the phone.

Have you used a protective case for your iPhone X? If yes, try to remove the case then press the side button. Some iPhone X protective cases don't match perfectly will prevent you from pressing the side button. If the side button works well without cases, it is the case which leads this issue, just replace a new case for your device, or just remove it from your phone.

2. Adjust the Press Speed of the Side Button

Have you encountered this issue? When you press the side button, the device is not responded, or just delayed? This issue may cause the side button clicked speed. The iPhone X has 3 options for side button’s click speed, you can choose default, slow or slowest. Here we show you how to change the iPhone X side button press speed. Go Settings > General > Accessibility > Side Button, tap slow or slowest to change the click speed. Reboot the device and the issue would be fixed.

3. Restart The iPhone X Without Side Button

Go Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch, then active the virtual Home button, or try another access to tap the virtual iPhone Home button on the iPhone X screen, click device > More > Restart to reboot the iPhone X.

4. Update the iOS System to the Newest Version

As we know that most of the issues are caused by the iOS version update. You should try to update your iPhone X iOS version to the newest version. Go Settings > General > Software Update, if it shows have an update for you, connect the device to the Wi-Fi and plug in to charge it, tap Download and Install to update the iOS.

There are the 4 ways we conclude on how to fix iPhone X side button not working or delay responding problems. If all these ways you tried and your iPhone X is still not recovered, we suggest you go to the repair shop and have iPhone X replacement part fixed. Etrade Supply has new replacement iPhone X volume button flex cable robin for sale. Just check it on our online store.


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8 Sides You May not Know About iPhone Face ID System

Most people may not know that the iPhone' Face ID system is much better than the primary Touch system on accuracy and recognition speed. To get to know more about this mobile security system, here we would like to share 8 aspects of iPhone's Face ID system with you. Let's specify them on the description below.

1. Face ID’s “Required Attention” is Optional

2. Dim the Screen Automatically When You Not Looking At It

3. Face ID Now Supports 2 Faces recognition

4. You can reactivate Face ID for Rescanning

5. You can quickly Disable Face ID

6. Control App what Face ID unlocks

7. You Don’t Need to Wait for the Padlock To Unlock

8. You Need to Reset Face ID if it failed for recognition for many times

Your iPhone is far more interesting and intelligent than you ever knew as long as you keep discovering. With the time you are using the iPhone, it is recommended that you should get to know some iPhone XR replacement parts. Etrade Supply would be grateful if you need help or repair technical support from us. Please leave your comments below or contact us if you have new ideas.

iPhone face id recognition system

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12 Mistakes You Probably Make While Charging Your Phone

Mobile phones have all kinds of functions, which make our life more convenient and interesting. With the time we are using, we find out that our phone battery is running so quickly. Although the producers have been working on the phone battery improvement on faster charging and longer using life, we still believe there are some tricks to keep our phone battery in a long using life. Here Etrade Supply mainly concludes 12 mistakes we probably make while charging our phone, and some of which we might take for granted but are not true. Let’s see what they are.

1. Charging your phone to the max before using it for the first time.
2. Not using your phone while it's charging.
3. Being afraid that chargers from a different brand will kill your battery.
4. Thinking that turning your phone off will damage the battery.
5. Trying to “train” your battery
6. Not charging your phone overnight for fear of damaging the battery
7. Putting the battery in the freezer to make it last longer
8. Using task managers to prolong battery life
9. Fearing to leave your phone charger plugged in
10. Not charging laptops all the time to prevent damage
11. Turning off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life
12. Tips to prolong battery life: keep the battery cool, store battery with a bit of charge.

These 12 mistakes are fake conception for us on our phone battery charging. Anyway, keep our phone in good condition is good to prolong our battery life. You might also check on the phone replacement battery if it is necessary to do so. Here we recommend our new iPhone 6 replacement battery, 1715 mAh to 2000mAh battery with long battery life. Perfect choice to solve your problems of iPhone battery draining fast. Do you have any tips on prolonging phone battery? Leave your comments below so that we can share.
12 mistakes you probably make while charging you phone
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Samsung S10 Plus Teardown and Reinstallation Demonstration

​Samsung S10 Plus is a complex mobile phone device. The whole process of teardown and reinstall demonstration would be a little longer than other smartphone models. Let's check this out step by step with patience and resistance.

1. Samsung S10 Plus Teardown:

Before we start the process of Samsung S10 teardown, we should take all the tools ready like the prying tools, screen opening suck-cup, Philip screwdriver. The whole process is complex and a bit difficult, we need to be careful and patient. Some of the internal parts and flex may be easy to break, we should focus on it. Now let’s do it.

1.1 Power off the phone, separate the backplate by prying it off with the pry tool

1.2 Undo the 16 Phillip screws on the backplate, take down the wireless charging pad

1.3 Remove the bottom plastic cover

1.4 Disconnect the battery cable, the string cable, the headphone jack cable, the front-facing camera cable and remove the front-facing camera

1.5 Unscrew the three Phillip screws on the board and remove the headphone jack

1.6 Remove the mainboard by prying up slowly, disconnect the back Samsung S10 Plus rear-facing cameras cable and remove it from the board

1.7 Peel off the protective tape and pry up and remove the copper vapor chamber

1.8 Separate the screen from the frame with a triangle prying tool

1.9 Tear off the protective adhesive tape and pry up the screen flex cable, don’t break the screen fingerprint scanner flex

1.10 Pry off the battery from the frame and then the vibrator motor and earpiece speaker as well

2. Samsung S10 Plus Restall:

The restore process is easier than teardown, we just follow the above step order back and reinstall the parts. On the other hand, we have to keep in mind the right place each part it used to be and don’t mess up the order. Here we go.

2.1 Put the headphone sticker and the vibrator motor back in the frame, as well as the battery

2.2 Insert the cable back to the slot, reseal the screen back to the frame and adjust the right position

2.3 Place the copper vapor chamber back

2.4 Put the front cameras back to the mainboard and connect the cable

2.5 Place the mainboard back and screw the three Phillip screws

2.6 Connect the headphone jack and the screen flex back to the mainboard, install the front-facing cameras back

2.7 Restore the speaker assembly and connect the battery cable back to the mainboard

2.8 Put the plastic cover with wireless charging pot back, screw the 16 Philip screws back

2.9 Seal up the backplate back, better cover with new adhesive on the edge by hot gun blowing

The demonstration steps might be a little complicated, but we have learned much about Samsung S10 Plus model from this article. On the other hand, you will know much about Samsung S10 Plus internal parts and repair technology if you are clear about all these steps. As a mobile phone parts supplier, we suggest you take attention on the parts like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Rear Face Camera if you are running a repair shop. Any new idea about Samsung S10 repair or questions the above steps, please leave your comment below.

Samsung S10 Plus teardown  
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